Storm Newsletter

March 25th,, 2024

Wow what a fun day we had on Saturday! So proud of you all for your commitment! The athletes continue to improve and we competed above and beyond with one of the top sprint teams, and our distance continued to dominate! Thank you all for volunteer support!! Storm is the best and we show it every week!! PLEASE Continue to read the Newsletter each week as it has new info each week

Today and Thursday we may have a late start due to events at the school, please arrive by 6:15

This week we will be giving out the meet ribbons for each meet! Mondays will have week1 ribbons and Thursdays will have meet 2 ribbons. We will also be giving a special black Personal Record Ribbon each time athletes improve their mark from the previous week. These are very special as it shows the improvement of each athlete at the meets. Please help your athlete pick them up!!

If you ordered Storm Merchandise last week it should be in next week! If you ordered on the first open store, please pick it up !!

Track Meet # 3

At Castaic High 8:00. We are competing with Los Angels Falcons and Lane 5 - Athletes sign up for events at practice!

Results for all meets can be found on our website under the "Meet Results" tab on top of the web site or on the Track and Field page . (We also will be posting them each week on during the if there is internet)

Our meet schedule is also on this page.

We are a member of the Valley

Youth Conference (VYC) You can find results for all the league teams on that web site

Volunteer Sign up

Will be sent out on Tuesdays

Practice Schedule

Monday March 25th - 6:15 pm -7:25 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:15 - 7:45 pm - All other age group - there is a Lacrosse game before us today

Tuesday March 19th - 6:00 pm -7:15 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age groups

Thursday March 21st - 6:15 pm -7:25 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:15 - 7:45 pm - All other age group - there is a track meet before us today

Saturday March 30th - 8:00 Meet @ Castaic High vs Los Angeles Falcons and Lane5

Please make sure you pick Up your athlete ON TIME after practice

Relay Expectations


Many parents are asking how relays are determined, here is a brief description on how this is done. We try to let all athletes try the event but there will be some weeks that the numbers do not work, but those who are there, and did not get on a team, we will try to make sure they are on a team in future week.

It is very important to the team that if your athlete signs up for a 4x100 relay that they are at the meet and checked in before 8:30 am so the coaches can assemble the teams. If your child is signed up for a relay and does not show up, or is late, it will effect every other relay runner, and disappoint those who can not compete. If they sign up for the 4x 400 and do not stay it will also disappoint those on the team that will not get to run.

This is the only event that we are strict on signing up for. Please don’t sign up for the relay if your athlete can not compete in the event.

Criteria for relay team assignment.

1) Coaches discretion

2) Attending practice

3) Able to hand off smoothly

4) Time in the 100 meters at a meet, sometimes the fastest athletes may not be selected for the A team due to many factors, based on this criteria

5) Attitude and Team Sportsmanship

6) Arriving at the meet on time 8:30 am

All of this is considered when coaches put together their teams (A-Team, B-Team, C-Team, etc…).

If you have any questions about this, please speak with your age group coach or Coach Elaine

Remind App for age groups

Please be sure to download the Remind app and join the following classes, the coaches will send messages during the track meets about kids are who are warming up. This not a communication method for the whole team. For all other questions please send an email!!

Sub Gremlins





or you may download the app and then use the following codes to join those classes.






Meet Ribbons

Starting this week we will have a communication/ ribbon box out on Mondays and Thursdays at practice. There is a file for each family to pick up event ribbons. Athletes will be given a ribbon for each event they do, that has their place and time for their event. Lorretta and Monica Drake make all of these. Please pick them up each week!! Mondays will have the previous meet 1 ribbons and Thursday will have meet 2 ribbons.

is week

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