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ISGVF’s Annual Fundraising Iftar Dinner will be held

on Saturday, April 09, 2022.


Taraweeh and Itikaf


ISGVF is pleased to announce that this year during this blessed month of Ramadan, Hafiz Maaz Zaman,  Hafiz Afif Khader and Br Hossam will lead the Taraweeh prayers .

May Allah (SWT) reward them and accept all their efforts, Ameen! 

Taraveeh starting on the night of April 1st



InshaAllah we plan to conduct Itikaf during last ten days of Ramadan. Please contact Br Miftah Khan or Br Javed Shamim at ISGVF if you plan to participate.

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Please sign up for hosting Iftar during Ramadan at ISGVF


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Please sign up for Volunteering during Ramadan, we need your help during Ramadan and for daily operations.

Ghusl (washing) & Shrouding of dead body

Ghusl (washing) & Shrouding of dead body – Ghusl Al Mayyat event was organized on February 17th by Sr. Yasmeen Jamaluddin. This was attended with it’s full capacity of 25 sisters

ISGVF Youth and Family halaqa by Shaykh Ahmed Arshad

This event was successfully organized on March 11th, and all the families and youth participated and benefited from the talk of Shaykh Ahmed


Honoring/Thanking Emergency Personnel  March 19th 

ISGVF, BCGV & Chabad organized to thank and honor the Emergency Responder. Roberta Winters represented from BCGV and Fakrudeen Ali Ahamed from ISGVF. Although no one from the Chabad was able to be present, we made sure that each organization realized that we are connected & together.

The members of all the fire companies and police stations were most grateful for our expression of appreciation and for the donuts and pretzels we delivered. The certificates and balloons made our efforts a bit more celebratory!

We are encouraged that the organizations indicated that they would post pictures and note our appreciation on their websites and/or on Facebook.  We hope that this continues to build a sense of community for all of us.



Welcome Ramadan on March 19th, 2022 by Sheikh Arqum Rashid

Welcome Ramadan successfully organized on March 19th, guest speaker was Sheikh Arqum Rashid. Community members took full participation in the event.


Mist participation by Devon Youth

Devon Youth participated in Mist program on March 20th and hold first position amongst all the other masjids with Philadelphia area


Quranic Arabic One Week Intensive at ISGVF

Quranic Arabic One week Intensive session was organized between March 7th and 14th for 7 days. This was 2 hours session between Maghrib and post Isha.

Sisters Quran Circle Program

“Get a better understanding of the book of Allah” led by Sr Nevan Hamid successfully on every second and fourth Tuesday of the Month starting from March 8th after Maghrib.

The upcoming event schedule is changed as per Ramadan.

April 10th and 17th after Zohar.

Feel Ramadan

Feel Ramadan was well received by Community members. It started with Iftar/Dinner, Tafseer before Isha and Qayam till 10:00 PM on March 24th, and next is on March 31st


Quran Competition March 26th/27th

Alhamdulillah, we were able to hold the Quran Competition in person on Saturday, March 26th for all Elementary students and on Sunday, March 27th for all MidHigh students after a 2 year gap.  We had a tremendous turn out and were so glad to see everyone once again.  All of the children who participated are to be commended for their efforts and may they always keep the Quran close to their hearts and keep on reciting.  Many congratulations to the winners and participants.


Food Distribution

With Allah SWT blessings and community support. We have distributed groceries to 12 needy families in Norristown. 

Please continue your support to this noble cause…especially as we are entering into Ramadan.

Any help to needy families will be a great help. 


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