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April 1st, 2024

We hope you all had a nice Easter Holiday! The meet Saturday was so fun and we are so happy we stayed dry all through the meet. Thank you all for all the help to make that happen for the athletes. Please see schedule below for the make up competition for Javelin on Monday, Shot Put on Tuesday and High Jump on Thursday.

Next week we are at Canyon High for our big Invitational 2 day meet!


This Saturday and Sunday will be a very large Invitational held over 2 days. You do not have to attend both days but please read the Meet event schedule for the events held on each day Invitational Meet Schedule

It will be very long on the Saturday, and events will be spilt up so please see the flyer. Sunday will be much quicker, starting at 10:00, arrive by 9:00 and ending about 2:30. Some athletes will not like this meet as it is very competitive, but all are invited! There will be an event T-shirt available near the concession stand !

Canyon High School has informed us that the parking lot will be open for us, but some may need to park outside the parking lot. Please arrive early as you may have to park in the neighborhood around the school and walk to the track! DO NOT PARK ANYWHERE EXCEPT LEGAL MARKED SPACES AS CARS WILL BE TOWED AND TICKETED IF BLOCKING DRIVEWAYS AND FIRE LANES!!

Long Jump and Shot Put , and Javelin will be a open timed event Please start and finish in the times posted on the Flyer

Please Sign Up to Volunteer This week we will have timing duties, data input, finish line, relay judges and escort duties at the meet. I will send the link tomorrow

Please down load the flyer for your reference!!

Invitational Meet Schedule


Invitational Meet

About This Week's Track Meet

This week is a 2 day meet, The Valley Youth Conference Invitational held at Canyon High School.  Please copy the event schedule so you will know the order of events. The top 8 athletes in the 100 and the 4X100 relay will return on Sunday to compete in a finals. We do have a new event on Sunday. The 4X800 relay will be ran for this week only!!

Medals are awarded at the meet to the Top 3 over all finishers in each event, (not in each heat) , with all others getting their ribbons at practice. This is the only time that all 15 teams will compete in an open meet.

It is a very competitive event and not all athletes will enjoy it. It is a a great meet to get P.R.’s, but it is extremely long and competitive, and some athletes may not be ready for it.

No Coaches or parents will be allowed in staging or on the field except, Sub Gremlins and Gremlin Coaches, they can escort their athletes to staging, all others will need to be more independent with no help to staging so please decide if your athlete is ready for this type of competition. Please check with the coaches if you are unsure.

Saturday will start promptly at 8:30 am and last until about 5:00 pm if you do the 200 meters. This is a very long day but you will not have to be there all day, depending on the event you choose, The 4x100 relays will be later than usual so your do not have to be there first thing in the morning. It will be very hard to judge the time frame but here is a rough estimate.

We will be doing 100 meters races on both sides of the fields so Juniors will start their 100's right after the Hurdles -Sub Gremlins, Gremlins and Bantam will start right after the 3000 on the opposite side of the filed ! this is a great meet to see some fantastic racing so plan to come early and enjoy!!

Approximate Arrival time

3000 meter - 7:30

Hurdles 8:30 warm up

100 meter 9:00 - Sub Gremlin, Gremlin and Bantams on the backside starting during the Hurdles, We will be running 100 meters on both sides of the track

100 meter 9:30 - Juniors , youth, 15-18 front side

800 meter - 11:00 - all athletes

4x100 - All athletes -12:00- arrive by 11:00

200 meter 1:30 - all athletes

Field event times are on the flyer Long Jump and Shot put will be open pits that your athletes can start at anytime during the hours listed High Jump will run in regular age group order starting with Bantams at 8:30

As I said these are very rough arrival times and I do encourage you do get to the event earlier than estimated times as this is a very fun meet to watch!

Sunday will start at 9:30 and be finished around 2:30 pm.

Sub and Gremlin Long Jump - 10:00

1500 meter - 10:00

4x100 finals - 11:00 for the top 8 teams from Saturday prelims Check with your coach if you should be there arrive at 10:00

4x800 relay - 10:30

400 meter 11:00

100 meter finals - 11:30 for the top 8 athletes from Saturday prelims Check with your coach if you should be there

4x400 relay - 1:30

NO PARENTS OR COACHES ALLOWED ON THE FIELD. This will be an extremely competitive meet. Sub and Gremlin Coaches will be allowed to escort their athletes to staging.

Field events are timed open pit, which means that athletes must compete within the time slots for that event. They can go anytime during their open time.

Please note there are restrictions in the amount of events each athlete can compete in.

Your child is limited to  2 individual events and a relay, or 2 relays & 1 individual event. Intermediates 15-18 may compete in 3 Individual Events.


Invitational Meet Schedule

Results for all meets can be found on our website under on top of the web site. We also will be updating results during the meet to this week! we are a member of the Valley Youth Conference (VYC) You can find results for all the league teams on that web site

All Storm records and top 10 is also under the track and field page on, and will be updated later this week!

If you think there is a problem with any result please contact Alan by Sunday evening so he can review it. Most issues can be reviewed and fixed if needed, but we need to make all changes by Monday to get the ribbons out in time.

Events can be changed at the meet if needed.

If you have any questions about the number of events please ask your coach. The conference has a very strict policy about over events, the athlete will be Disqualified in all events of the day if they compete in too many events at a meet.

Here is our volunteer duties for this Saturday and Sunday

Volunteer Sign up

Finish line helpers - help athletes on and off the track

Escorts at Staging- take athletes from staging to start line

Data Input - help under the timing tent

Relay zone judges - help athletes on the track in their zone and report if they

Practice / Meet Schedule

Monday April 1 - 6:00 pm -7:20 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:15 - 7:45 pm - All other age group - Make up for Javelin from the meet

Tuesday April 1st,- 6:00 pm -7:15 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age groups - Make up for Shot Put from the meet

Thursday March 21st - 6:00 pm -7:20 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age group - Make up for High Jump from the meet!

Saturday April 6th - 7:30 am Invitational day1-Canyon High

Sunday April 7th 9:00 am Invitational day 2- Canyon High l

Please make sure you pick Up your athlete ON TIME after practice

Lost and Found

We have a lot of lost water bottles and clothing, check the fence this week! All items will be given away or donated after Thursday's practice. We do not have room to store it!!

Storm Merchandise - should arrive this week!!

Remind App for age groups

Please be sure to download the Remind app and join the following classes, the coaches will send messages during the track meets about kids are who are warming up. This not a communication method for the whole team. For all other questions please send an email!!

Sub Gremlins





or you may download the app and then use the following codes to join those classes.






Meet Ribbons

Please check the communication/ ribbon box out on Monday and Thursday at practice. There is a file for each family to pick up event ribbons. Athletes will be given a ribbon for each event they do, that has their place and time for their event. Lorretta and Monica Drake make all of these. Please pick them up each week!! Mondays will have the previous meet 1 ribbons and Thursday will have the new meet 2 ribbons.

is week

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