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Volume 7, July 2011

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Summer Special Offers from CIRS

Dear Friends,


Enjoy your summer holidays. CIRS is launching a series of offers this summer to express our appreciation for your continuous support and recommendation. We are dedicated to providing valued chemical compliance services and solutions by delivering valued information through original expert analysis.  


Offer 1: Upgraded Free IECSC Enquiry Service

For substances that are not included on online IECSC data base, CIRS offers free enquiry service to confirm with CRC whether the substance has been listed in the confidential section of IECSC. This offer is limited to one substance per company only. For more information about our free Chinese chemical inventory search service, please click here .

Offer 2: Free CIRS Webinar on 23 August 2010: Understanding Cut-off Value and Concentration Limits in China GHS and CLP Regulation

In response to many inquiries received by CIRS regarding the issue of cut-off value and concentration limits in China GHS, CIRS would like to invite you to join our 2nd free webinar that will focus on the very technical questions raised and help companies better understand the difference between China GHS and EU CLP regulation. The 2nd webinar is more advanced. Attendees shall have basic knowledge of CLP regulation or UN GHS.


More info about the webinar can be found here


Offer 3: The English translation of the Provisions on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances in China (2010) and the Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China (2011) have been released by CIRS. Those regulations are available for free from CIRS website.

- > The Provisions on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances in China (2010) - Full Text 

- >The Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China (2011) - Full Text  


Offer 4: Global Polymer Regulations and Polymer Notifications Update Report 2011

Since 2007 when REACH came into force, many countries have updated or changed their own chemical legislation, which also changes how polymers are regulated in those countries. CIRS has prepared a report summarizing the latest updates regarding how existing polymers and new polymers are regulated in EU, USA, China, Japan and Korea. The report is written by Queenier Yang and Edwin Wen, senior regulatory affairs specialist from CIRS Global Regulations R&D Centre.

More info about the report can be found here


Offer 5: ECHA's REACH & CLP Operation Report in 5 Mins

ECHA has published a report on the operation of REACH & CLP on 30 June 2011. CIRS has selected some key statistics and prepared a short presentation for those who may not have enough time to read the 91-page report. This short presentation is available from.

The original report is available from.


best regards,