Season after Pentecost

June 2024

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Healing & Creativity…

On June 30th this year, the gospel reading tells us a wonderful 2-fer story of healing. In the early part of the reading, we learn of the persistent and faith-filled woman who sought Jesus, believing that if she could only touch his garment she would be healed of her ailment. In the second part of the reading, a local man (Jairus) approaches Jesus also seeking healing — but in this case, his plea is on behalf of his daughter who was desperately ill.

I have loved the story of the healing of Jairus’ daughter for as long as I can remember. The original version of the poem which I set to music was written in Dutch by Willem Barnard and then translated into English by Fred Kaan.

The way in which Willem and Fred make an application of the gospel story to today’s church in the final verse is both sobering and filled with hope. It’s always hard for me to believe that the text was written over 50 years ago.

Many others have been inspired to bring new life to "The Daughter of Jairus" song through a variety of art forms.

Dorothy Farquhar, whose husband Hugh was minister at St. Paul’s United Church in Riverview, New Brunswick, choreographed it for her children’s choir.

A visual artist (whose name I do not recall) was one of the group leaders at the Naramata Centre one summer in the 1970’s. She covered a wall of the worship space with massive sheets of newsprint and, while the song was being sung, 'drew' it, sketching it in real time, complete with the resurrection of the young girl.

Gayda Errett, who led creative dance and movement at St. David’s United Church in Calgary, danced the story dozens of times as part of my concerts.

Sheelah Megill wrote and presented a deeply moving monologue based on the song hundreds of times as we travelled across Canada.

Using different artistic disciplines, Christina has choreographed it as a liturgical dance and, most recently, created a beautiful video which includes Sheelah’s vocal solo. It can be viewed here: "The Daughter of Jairus"

I have long wanted to arrange "The Daughter of Jairus" as an anthem and, as I write this, I’m nearly finished! It will be uploaded to the Musiklus website by the end of this week. No pressure. RK

Music Suggestions for Season after Pentecost – Year B

June 2 - June 30, 2024


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▶️ Indicates video accompaniment version available.

June 2

---2nd Sunday after Pentecost

---Pride Sunday

---"Can a Man Be Kind and Caring?"

---"Come, Let Us Welcome" *

---"For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table" *

---"God, Whose Love Is All Around Us"

---"It Is Right"

---"Jesus, When a Child Is Hungry"

---"Kindred in Spirit through Jesus Christ" * ▶️

---"Simply to Be" ▶️

June 9

---3rd Sunday after Pentecost

---"A Minimal Hymn"

---"Each Seeking Faith"

---"I Am There"

---"In What Strange Land"

---"It Is Right"

---"Kindred in Spirit through Jesus Christ" * ▶️

---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

June 16

---4th Sunday after Pentecost

---Father's Day *

---National Indigenous Peoples Sunday **

---"Almond Blossom Sign of Life"

---"Can a Man Be Kind and Caring?" *

---"Follow the Songlines" **

---"For Ourselves No Longer Living"

---"It Is Right"

---"Just as a Mother Sings" *

---"Sweetgrass and Candle" ** ▶️

---"Through Winter Cold"

---"Walls That Divide" ▶️

---"Would You Bless Our Homes

------and Families" * ▶️

---"Young Apple Trees"

June 23

---・5th Sunday after Pentecost

---"God, Help Us When We're Frightened"

---"In the Quiet of This Day"

---"Just as a Mother Sings"

---"Love of God in Sunshine's Blessing"


---"Womb Water"

June 30

---・6th Sunday after Pentecost

---"As Children of Your Love"

---"Fresh as the Morning"


---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

---"Stay with Us" ▶️

---"The Daughter of Jairus" (High Voice Range)

---"The Daughter of Jairus" (Med Voice Range) ▶️

---"The Daughter of Jairus" (Low Voice Range)

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Ron Klusmeier, piano

Sheelah Megill, vocal solo

Video Design & Editing by Christina Bogucki

Words copyright © 1968 by Hope Publishing Co.

Music copyright © 1975 by Ron Klusmeier

and administered by Hope Publishing Co.

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