Easter Season

March 31 - May 19, 2024

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Where in our hell is Easter?…

Skip this if you’re not up for a downer!

I’m struggling to make spiritual sense of the horrific, inhumane world-wide conflicts that numb us with the news broadcasts, headlines and podcasts which confront us each and every day. I 'get' that we’re in the midst of a reflective season with an approaching Holy Week which in so many ways mirrors the reality of our lives in this time. The problem is — let’s face it — we all know that however much we may "pray for peace" as part of our Lenten journey, there’s no magic power which is going to solve it all at 12:01 AM on March 31.

We also know that we are an Easter people who try to sing what we believe and for our hopes. So what do we sing this year? Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday’s Easter Vigil are all pretty easy to figure out. But "hosannas", a parade of palm wavers, sunrise celebrations, Easter bells and "hallelujahs"?

I know, I know… what right do I have to share this darkness as we approach the very liturgical core of our faith? Talk about preaching to the choir! After all, I’m only a musician.

So, after giving it a lot of thought, I think what I’ll do is settle for carrying on with what Fred Kaan used to suggest when he was in a situation where he couldn’t connect with what was being sung. He sang the very words that seemed an ill fit in his 'outside voice' while making what he referred to as "back of the head" translations in his 'inside voice'.

That actually sounds quite sensible to me. While some might see that ’solution’ as being hypocritical, my inside voice, back-of-the-head translation will focus on discovering hope for my global sisters and brothers in everything I sing on the 31st.

I hope it works. RK

Music Suggestions for Easter Season – Year B

March 30 - May 19, 2024


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▶️ Indicates video accompaniment version available.

March 30Easter Vigil

"Joyful Is the Dark"

"No Empty Tomb"

"Roll the Stone Away"

"Stay with Us" ▶️ 

"Time of Dryness Has Passed

------from Us"

"When We Gather at the Table"

March 31Easter Sunday

"All Who Thirst for Loving Water"

"Christ Is Alive"

"Come, Dare to Be"  

"Each Sunday Brings to Mind Again"

"I Am"

"Roll the Stone Away"

"Stay with Us" ▶️

April 72nd Sunday of Easter

April 7Holy Humour Sunday

---"Bathe Me in Your Light" ▶️

---"Becoming Who We Are"

---"Deep in Our Hearts" ▶️

---"Give to Us Laughter" ▶️

---"I Wish You the Blessing"

---"Kindred in Spirit through Jesus Christ" ▶️

April 143rd Sunday of Easter

---"Bless and Keep Us, God"

---"Come, Dare to Be"

---"Eternal Wisdom, Timely Friend"

---"I Am God's Child"

---"In the Quiet of This Day"

April 214th Sunday of Easter

---"Deep in Our Hearts" ▶️

---"Friends, Let Us Love Each Other"

---"Holy One" (General Version)

---"I Can on God Implicitly Rely" ▶️

---"Jesus, I Come"

---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

April 285th Sunday of Easter


---"Dear Loving God"

---"Fresh as the Morning"

---"Just as a Mother Sings"

May 5・6th Sunday of Easter

---"Friends, Let Us Love Each Other"

---"In What Strange Land"

---"Shout for God"

---"There Is No Greater Love"

May 12・7th Sunday of Easter

May 12・Ascension of the Lord

May 12・Mother's Day/Family Sunday

---"God, How Majestic Is Your Name"

---"Go Gently, Go Lightly"

---"Jesus Is with God"

---"Kindred in Spirit through Jesus Christ" ▶️

---"Loving Spirit"

---"Would You Bless Our Homes

---------and Families" ▶️

May 19・Pentecost

---"As the Wind Song through the Trees"

---"Come, Holy Visitor"

---"Follow the Songlines"

---"Gather Me"

---"Set Us Free for Freedom"

---"Teach Me, God, To Wonder" ▶️

---"Time of Dryness Has Passed from Us"

---"Wind on the Water"

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