Cordoba Academy Newsletter - November 2023

Upcoming Events

Let's get active! Join Cordoba Academy for our monthly community fitness night. Enjoy a variety of ball games, go for a fitness class, or just play with members of the community.

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Come learn about the four rightly guided leaders of Islam that succeeded Prophet Muhammad (S) after his passing and led the Muslim ummah. Abu Bakr (RA), Uthman (RA), Umar (RA), and Ali (RA) were the closest companions of Muhammad (S) and learned Islam directly from him.

Part 1 will be about Ali (RA)

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If you love baking and sweets, come join Cordoba Academy for Dessert Fest on November 18th!

Bring your favorite homemade dessert to share with others! Audience members will taste all the participants' desserts and submit their votes for their favorite & the winners gets something special to take home!

Dessert makers get free entry. Testers must pay $5/person.

*Desserts do not have to be a baked treat.

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Project Playground

Alhamdulillah the latest addition to our facility is a newly built playground with funding granted by Islamic Relief and the wonderful PTA parents! The students have been enjoying recess even more with their new swing set and slide playset.

October Events Highlights

Gym Night @ the YMCA

The kids brought energy and sportsmanship while engaging in a variety of sports including basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball!

Sisters' Social: Paint Night Recap

Cordoba Academy hosted an amazing night of sisterhood last month! At our Sisters’ Social Paint Night event, after joining together in prayer and the halaqa, sisters relaxed while painting beautiful sunsets, beaches, and mountains.

Game Night

Game Night 2023 was a knockout! With an inflatable obstacle course, carnival games, a variety of snack and food items, and a whole catalogue of family friendly games, families and volunteers had a blast the entire night!

Prayers for Palestine

We request everyone to please remember our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Palestine in their du'as.

May Allah (SWT) grant the people of Palestine peace, justice, protection, and safety. May Allah (SWT) put an end to the oppression and grant them relief from their suffering. May He bestow upon them strength, patience, and steadfastness. May He grant those who have been martyred the highest level of Jannah InshaAllah.


We Are Hiring!

If you are looking for a part-time job working in a classroom and you love working with children, our Learning Coach position may be the perfect fit for you!

Please send your resume to with “Learning Coach” in the Subject line if you are interested.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 11: Gym Night
  • Nov. 18: Story Time
  • Nov. 18: Dessert Fest

Dates to Remember:

  • Nov. 10: Veterans Day Observed (No School)
  • Nov. 15: Jumada Al-Awwal Begins*
  • Nov. 22-24: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

*Based on local moon sighting

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