Happy Teacher Appreciation Month!!!

Spring has sprung, and there are so many reasons to celebrate this month!!! Happy Mother's Day (May 12th) to all the Moms and women who nurture, inspire and encourage us. The ribbons of your love are woven around our hearts, and we owe so much of our success to you. Thank You. We love you!

This Memorial Day (May 27th), let's remember and honor those men and women who have fought and sacrificed their lives during the conflicts & wars throughout America's history. We are eternally grateful.

We're also celebrating Teachers all month long ~ and as a way of showing our appreciation, we're offering FREE ADVERTISING FOR TEACHERS. Yep.. You read that correctly. If you're a Teacher of the Performing Arts, we want to include you in the RG Artist Database ~ A curated list of Arts Professionals in NYC. Your info will be accessible to our community via our website, Monthly Newsletter (60K+ Subscribers) and Social Media platforms (15K+ Followers). And the best part is... IT'S FREE.

Click here to be included, or visit RipleyGrierCommunity.com for more information.

Graham McCarty 

RG Creative Director

Congrats to all our friends who are nominated!!

We'll see you at the TONY AWARDS on June 16th.

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20 Members (and counting) in our first month!

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For 100 years, the Episcopal Actors' Guild has been helping NYC's professional actors, singers, and dancers keep a roof over their head and put food on the table when times are tough. EAG's Emergency Aid & Relief Program can provide financial grants for rent, utilities, or medical bills. And their Actor's Pantry provides food assistance to performing artists experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

Are you a performer in need of assistance?

Or are you in a position to aid in EAG's efforts?

Visit ActorsGuild.org for more information.

Share the love ~ Help support WCK!

World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a group of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural / man-made disasters, and humanitarian crisis around the world.

Ripley-Grier Studios supports WCK by providing donation boxes at all 4 of our locations, and selling small items and merchandise to raise funds.

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, staff, landlord and all those who have donated, we have raised more than $8,000 for WCK.

Update: WCK is returning to Gaza after having lost 7 members killed while serving in that area.

Click the link below for more info and to donate directly.

Donate Here!

Happy Spring to Everyone!

Yay! Finally the weather feels like Spring with temps in the 60's and 70's. May is a celebratory month with Mother's Day and Memorial Day in the mix. This Earth Day was filled with positive activities. Passover reminded us of the worldwide difficulty in achieving coexistence among fellow earth citizens. Being tribal beings we struggle with and are unable to solve the immensely important goal of peace within our human family, yet.

My fitness classes continue while I am in Florida for half of April and 1st week of May. Two of my seasoned students are hosting my class via my voice recording. We have had family visiting in Key West for two weeks in April/May and we had friends visiting for a week in March. This is our first Spring with a Key West home (such a desirable spot to visit) so we invited folks down to share our good fortune. We will be back to NY soon to attend Jeannie's graduation from Hofstra University with a Masters in Public Relations. She continues to work for Ripley-Grier Studios. An opportunity has opened, an entertainment firm has asked for her resume, (Yay!).

May is a beautiful month with flowers and plants blooming. Veggies are being planted for future harvest. It is a very fitting month to have Mother's Day. My Mother started as a gov't factory working in Union, NJ during WWII. She married my Dad in Biloxi, Mississippi while he was in the Army Air Force training to be shipped over to the Pacific. She followed him from base to base from New Jersey across the country working in the base laundry. Just before he was to be shipped out of San Fransisco , the war ended and he was discharged. He and my Mom hitch-hiked across the US from California to New Jersey. She was three months pregnant with me. She went back to work at the same factory after my birth. When I was 9 years old we moved to the Jersey Shore. She worked in a tile making factory and then for Dixie Cup when they built a big facility near our home in Keyport. Later during my 2nd year in college, she moved to Florida with my Dad and became a waitress, (always working). She longed for the day she could retire, but she died early at 62 years old from alcoholism and never got to see those retirement days. She died on Mother's Day in Orlando, Florida and as an only child I made all the arrangements and flew her back to New Jersey with her ashes in my backpack. It was a lonely and sad time for me, so Mother's Day is a hard day, but I am so grateful for the wonderful Mother's in my life, currently and in the past.

Memorial Day is a bittersweet day as well in many lives and for our country. So many young men and women (mostly young, of course by design) have lost their lives in the many wars that we have engaged in (some justified, some not). My Dad was in the Army Air Force in WWII, my first partner was in the Navy in Vietnam and Butch was in the Marines in Vietnam.

Please honor all Mothers and our Military heroes, they both rose to callings that are essential and meaningful.

"Better and Better every day in every way."

With much regard, Patricia


Jeannie is finishing up her Master's Degree and is graduating from Hofstra University on May 19th. We're so proud of her. Congrats Jeannie!!

For all of her fans out there ~ Tune in next month for Jeannie's article.

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Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear...

Jerry Over (5/1)

SLim (5/3)

Graham McCarty (5/5)

Jimmy Rivas (5/28)

Happy Birthday to you.

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Celebrate May

Teacher Appreciation Month

Creative Beginnings Month

Family Wellness Month

National Physical Fitness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Military Appreciation Month

Small Business Month

Zombie Awareness Month

May Day (5/1)

Star Wars Day (5/4)

Cinco De Mayo (5/5)

National Teacher's Day (5/7)

Small Business Day (5/10)

Mother's Day (5/12)

Employee Health Day (5/15)

Drawing Day (5/16)

World Baking Day (5/17)

Armed Forces Day (5/18)

Talk like Yoda Day (5/21)

World Mediation Day (5/21)

National Sing Out Day (5/25)

National Tap Dance Day (5/25)

Memorial Day (5/27)

National Creativity Day (5/30)

National Smile Day (5/31)

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