Thursday, May 16th, 2024

As we near the end of the current school year and look forward to the overall future of St. Joseph School, it is vital that there is authentic reflection on how we serve the needs of our families and how we can do so better moving forward. The changing dynamics of the student population, the promotion of our faith community and the response to the challenges coming out of the pandemic provide new challenges that our staff need to address.

As the administrator of the school, I have the responsibility of serving in a number of roles with a primary responsibility of providing instructional leadership for our staff to ensure student academic success. In my three plus decades in similar roles, I can state that this role has never been as challenging as the current state of education faces. With a multitude of new responsibilities, too often the needs of our instruction, curriculum and assessment responsibilities do not take the prominent role that is necessary to prepare our students for their secondary school experiences. With these challenges becoming evident, this change is an attempt to utilize the talents of current staff members for the benefit of our school and parish community.

Bryanna VanVreede recently completed her coursework and obtained her licensure with The Department of Public Instruction in education leadership. She has proven her expertise as a classroom teacher and consistently demonstrated her commitment to the school community as a whole. Beginning this Fall, she will take on a part time role as Assistant Principal . This would ensure that her classroom expertise is still provided to our middle school students with the addition of providing assistance to the school principal as part of her job description. Assessment analysis, textbook/workbook inventory and consistency, improving record keeping procedures, marketing St. Joseph School, enrollment follow through, communication enhancement for families, WRISA Reports, etc. would more effectively occur with this transitional role. Through the development of the class schedule for the 2024-25 school year, approximately 25% of Mrs. VanVreede’s job description would be administrative. This would ensure that the vast spectrum of administrative responsibilities are completed in a productive and timely manner. It would also increase the utilization of skills that the principal has related to leading instructional, curriculum and assessment improvement in our school. Furthermore, it would allow Mrs. VanVreede to put her administrative assets to practical use. Finally, it would provide an opportunity for a succession plan for the principal role. As the availability of quality school leaders is at an all time low, a succession plan would ensure that St. Joseph School has a long term plan to continue leadership effectiveness.

With this plan there are a number of additional components that St. Joseph School could better offer the families as soon as 2024-25:

  1. A solidified continuum of reading instruction for the Kindergarten through fifth grade.
  2. A differentiated approach to math instruction for middle school in preparation for high school.
  3. A stronger connection with parish committees and the school community.
  4. A stronger utilization of assessment data with classroom teachers.
  5. There would be a lessening of anxiety among families about the future of the school.
  6. More opportunities for innovative approaches to meeting the needs of our students and their families.
  7. The opportunity for a highly successful accreditation process for the 2025-26 school year is more attainable.


Chris Multhauf, Principal

The tuition schedule for the 2024-2025 school year has been approved by the Finance Committee and updated.

CLICK HERE to view the tuition schedule for the upcoming school year. 

May 20th - 23rd 8th Grade Class Trip to Washington DC

May 23rd - Last Day of Hot Lunch

May 24th - Folk Fair Grades K5-8th

May 24th - 2nd Grade May Crowning

May 24th - K4 Fishing Trip

May 24th - Last Day of School Uniforms

May 24th - Early Release at 12:00 Noon

May 27th - Memorial Day No School

May 31st - 8th Grade Graduation Mass (6:30) & Reception

May 31st - Last Day for K4 & K5 Students

May 31st - St. Joe's Winegarten

June 4th - School Picnic & Field Day

June 5th - Last Day of School

Mass then Dismissal

Spread the word about St. Joe's!

Now Enrolling Yard Signs are available at the school office. Please take one for your yard and help promote our awesome school!

Father Mike from St. Ben's came to St. Joe's this morning to pick up the donation from the 8th grade carnival. We appreciate him saying Mass with us!

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Copies are available outside the school office.

Lunch Duty Volunteers

Friday, May 17th - Jay Boucher

Monday, May 20th - Becky Atkins

Tuesday, May 21st - El Sangalang

Wednesday, May 22nd - Thomas Fadden

Thursday, May 23rd - Katie Walczak

Friday, May 24th - HALF DAY!

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We were so happy to see so many wonderful grandparents and V.I,P.s last week at St Joseph School for a beautiful music program and Living Rosary!

Thank you to Mr. Hudy, who instructs the band and gets them comfortable performing, Ms. Weber, our music teacher who patiently prepares our children to sing songs that reflect faith and joy, and our teachers, who educate them in the prayers of our faith to lead the rosary.

Finally, thank you to all of you Very Important People! Your support of the children and their school makes such a difference!

CLICK HERE to Watch the Video From VIP/Grandparents Day

Week of May 13th, 2024

This week in guidance K-2 is learning about summer safety. 3-5 is working on personal boundaries. 6th and 7th is working on respect for ourselves and others and 8th grade is finishing a special parting gift to each other. 

Throughout the year, 5-8 grade students work on journaling and reflection with and without journal prompts. We like to spend about 10 min in the beginning of class writing, these are turned in and I respond to each student. For some, this is challenging and out of their comfort zone, but the progress I have seen throughout the year on the journals has been great. Encourage your children to write and journal at home throughout the summer, great things come out of it!

               Here is a resource from some of the material we are using for our lessons


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or if you or your child would like to meet with me.


Brianne Burke-Leonard

School Counselor

News from the library: 

This is the last week to borrow books from the school library. All books are due by Friday, May 24. Please check your bookshelves, backpacks, vehicles, under beds, between the couch cushions, etc. Students that do not return or replace their library books this spring will have limited library privileges next fall. Late notices will be sent out next week but inquiries can be sent to the library staff: 

Angie Marshall (

or Kathi Sinclair (

Thanks for returning your books! 

Comic Book Club is meeting on Thursday, May 30th.

Please email Kimarie Boucher with questions:


Hello St. Joseph Families -

I will be offering guitar and ukulele lessons again this summer at school.

Right now, I am planning to teach on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays starting the week of June 10th. 

Because of my wedding, honeymoon, and a music camp that I'm working at in Madison, I will not be teaching lessons from June 24th-July 21st. We will start lessons again the week of July 22nd.

If you are interested in summer lessons for your child, please let me know what your general availability is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (for example: am/pm, any time after 10 am, etc.). Once I have everyone's availability, I will send out a tentative schedule.


Caila Webber

Music Teacher

The rummage sale is right around the corner and






If you are able to volunteer or have any questions, please contact Fran at Subject: Rummage

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