Happy June, everybody! It's a time to celebrate ourselves and those we love, including Grads, Dads, Broadway, and of course, LGBTQ+ Pride!!!

June also marks the beginning of Summer, and while most students might be taking some well-needed time off, we know artists are curious life-long learners, always looking for new ways to grow. We're Triple Threats, after all -- and while that traditionally means act/sing/dance, so many of us have added other talents to our skill-set.. like writer, composer, podcaster, teacher, visual artist, musician, aerialist and more! Let's celebrate everything we are, and make this our Triple Threat Summer!!

Share your journey with us using hashtag #RipleyGrier on social media. See you at the studios!

Graham McCarty 

RG Creative Director

Congratulations to all our colleagues who are nominated for Tony Awards this year!!!

Whether you're behind the scenes or in the spotlight - We applaud your hard work and are so proud to be part of the team that brings the magic of Broadway to life. Bravo.

Click the image above for the full list of nominees.

Watch it LIVE ~ Sunday, June 16th on CBS.

An exclusive collection of spaces for focused creative work.

Located on the 10th Floor Studios @ 520 8th Ave.

Amenities include a Professional Voice-Over / Podcast Suite & Soundproof Booth, and an On-Camera / "Self-Tape" Studio (which includes professional lighting and multiple backdrops).

Offering large and small quiet spaces for Private Lessons, Play Readings, Photo-shoots, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, classes and more.

Call (212)799-5433 for more information.


For 100 years, the Episcopal Actors' Guild has been helping NYC's professional actors, singers, and dancers keep a roof over their head and put food on the table when times are tough. EAG's Emergency Aid & Relief Program can provide financial grants for rent, utilities, or medical bills. And their Actor's Pantry provides food assistance to performing artists experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

Are you a performer in need of assistance?

Or are you in a position to aid in EAG's efforts?

Visit ActorsGuild.org for more information.


What are they, and why do I want one???

Over the years we have collected thousands of dollars for charity just from the sales of these little blue bottles (Available at all RG locations for $1). They've sort of become a "must-have item" (and a quirky little souvenir) among actors, dancers and singers in the NYC Theatre Community. We've heard lots of stories about how people use them* ~ They're great little vases for your apartment window sill... and once a Bride bought a bunch of them to use as centerpieces for her wedding reception.

Currently we are sending all proceeds from the Blue Bottles to World Central Kitchen (WCK) ~ a wonderful organization that provides meals for refugees and displaced people due to man-made or natural disasters. (See below for more info*)

A special Thanks to Nagahama Japanese Restaurant (Long Beach, NY) for providing the blue sake bottles for us to repurpose.

* How are you using YOUR Blue Bottle?

Share a photo on Social Media using hashtag #RGbluebottle or email Gmccarty@RipleyGrier.com to be featured in our Instagram stories.

* Share the love ~ Help support WCK

World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a group of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural / man-made disasters, and humanitarian crisis around the world.

Ripley-Grier Studios supports WCK by providing donation boxes at all 4 of our locations, and selling small items and merchandise to raise funds.

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, staff, landlord and all those who have donated, we have raised more than $8,000 for WCK.

Update: WCK is returning to Gaza after having lost 7 members killed while serving in that area.

Click the link below for more info and to donate directly.

Donate Here!

Greetings!... Hope you are enjoying this weather as we sequence into Summer. Our bars and restaurants are hopping out in Long Beach. We have one of the most beautiful beaches on Long Island, just a 1-hour trip out on the LIRR (Penn Station and now Grand Central Station as well). It's the last stop on the Long Beach line so you won't miss your stop. Then a walk to the beach (10-12 minutes) or take a cab from the station. (You DO have to pay to use the beach). We have a really cool boardwalk, over 2 miles long and it runs along the shorefront. It's great for walking, running, biking, or just sitting on an ocean facing bench. We have restrooms and showers. There are food vendors on the boardwalk including my favorite beach restaurant "5 Ocean" at the West End of the boardwalk with great food and live music. If you plan a full day trip, our restaurants & bars are amazing. Staying longer? Check out the Allegria Hotel (beachfront) $$$ or the Long Beach Hotel (2 blocks from the beach) $$.

Our NYC studios are crankin' it out with lots of shows and tours, with auditions and rehearsals constantly. Tourists fill NYC, seeing shows, shopping and enjoying the amazing cuisine only found in New York. A "Super" time to be in NYC.

Get out every day: Walk, jog, run (or dance) daily, break it up into 10-15 minute sessions. Do endurance sessions to shake off the winter/indoor atrophy and circulation deficits. It's not necessary to do long workouts; shorter sessions more often are preferred by fitness professionals. Pushing and pulling with resistance helps with muscle tone. When working out at home I recommend standing push ups on the kitchen sink counter with a towel over the lip. You can also do pullbacks there as well or on any sturdy railing. If you are just starting weights, get a set of 2 lb weights and 5 lb weights for repetitive strength sessions. Later ad 8 lbs and 10 lbs with fewer reps. Abdominal workouts with a timed "holding" position at the end of the session will round out core strength needs. Add stretch/flexibility movements and static stretch "holds". Seasonal workouts can be fun and productive. Swimming is immersive, biking, jogging, running, fast walking, even casual walking (long duration) is rewarding. Don't be afraid of the sun. We all need that Vitamin D. Wear appropriate sunscreen on your face and/or wear a hat*.

Enjoy your "play" time this Summer, Patricia

Remember: Clutter clearing clears your mind as well as your space.

* Next month I'll write about hair, skin & teeth care along with muscle/joint car (with tips).


BroadwayCon 2024

July 26th - 28th (Fri - Sun)

New York Hilton - Midtown

Next month, get ready for a 3-Day Broadway extravaganza, as the worlds of theatre and fandom collide. Rub elbows with your favorite Broadway stars, sing along to show tunes and celebrate some of the newest and most exciting shows. With engaging panels, programming, activities and photo ops, BroadwayCon is the ultimate place to experience the magic of the New York theatre community. And...while you're there, be sure to stop by the Ripley-Grier Booth to enter our FREE RAFFLE.

Tickets still available at BroadwayCon.com

Hi everyone! I just graduated from Hofstra University with my Masters in Public Relations. I'm excited to be out of school so I can focus more on work, hobbies, and on planning trips to concerts, baseball games and to visit family to see all my new nieces and nephews! Last month I took a week-long trip to Chicago with my friend Rayleene. We went to C2E2 (comic convention) for all three days, a Chicago Cubs game and a White Sox game. We drove up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see the Brewers, and we explored the city for the first time. The trip was a ton of fun and I can't wait to go to Chicago again.

My first trip this summer will be to Boston for the Boston Fan Expo. I'll be staying with my friend Laura and we'll be going to the fan expo together. We're just going Saturday, but our schedules are already full of people we're going to meet. I'll be wearing my Spider-Punk cosplay possibly for the last time before the pants fall apart (sad!).

My biggest trip for the summer will be from late August to early September. I'm going to Los Angeles to see Twenty One Pilots with Rayleene again, and hopefully go to three new baseball stadiums. The concert in LA is the same day that Childish Gambino is playing in Brooklyn, so I changed my plans to make it possible for me to see him in Philly before leaving on my tip! The ballparks I plan to visit this vacation are Petco Park in San Diego, Oracle Park in San Francisco, and Oakland Coliseum in Oakland. I've already been to both Dodger and Angel Stadium, but if I have some extra time I'd love to go again! When I return home I'll see Twenty One Pilots a few more times in our area including their show in Brooklyn on my birthday!


RG Outreach Program

RG is proud to support many wonderful organizations.

Broadway Cares - Make-A-Wish - Plan USA

Timothy Hill Ranch - The Actor's Fund - Smile Train - Wounded Warrior - North Shore Animal League - World Central Kitchen - Braking AIDS

Join us in supporting these and other helpful organizations. Contact our Marketing Dept. at (212)799-5433 Ex. 214 for more info.

Congratulations to Jeannie Ripley-Grier!!

She recently graduated from Hofstra University with a Master's Degree in Public Relations.

~ So proud of you, Jeans.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear...

Lexie Plath (6/2)

Alex Dutan (6/2)

Eric Waters (6/4)

Sandra Hernandez (6/7)

Shayne Grier (6/11)

Nick Maudin (6/22)

Charlie Sawyer (6/28)

Eman Abdalla (6/30)

Happy Birthday to you.

RG's Black-Box Theatre

Located @ 305 W. 38th Street

Perfect for your staged reading, recital, or small performance.

Retractable audience seating and professional lighting & sound available upon request. 

(Comfortably seats 75 people)

Call (212)799-5433 for info.


T-Shirts (Adult & Youth Sizes), Baseball Shirts, Hoodies, Spirit Towels, Drawstring Bags, Totes

Available at all RG locations.


Collect 5 "stamps" and receive $5 OFF your next studio rental.

Get the "STAMP ME" APP today, and receive one FREE stamp.



or $17 with a Credit Card.

(Subject to availability of specific studios)





(Advanced Bookings Only)


Call (212)799-5433 for info.

Celebrate June!!!

Pride Month

National Zoo & Aquarium Month

National Pollinators Month

National Safety Month

Professional Wellness Month

PTSD Awareness Month

Great Outdoors Month

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

National DJ Month

National Men's Health Month

Accordion Awareness Month

National Pet Month

Stand for Children Day 6/1

World Bicycle Day 6/3

Cancer Survivors Day 6/4

National Best Friends Day 6/8

World Ocean Day 6/8

World Blood Donor Day 6/14

Flag Day 6/14

Father's Day 6/16

Juneteenth 6/19

World Refugee Day 6/20

World Day of Music 6/21

International Yoga Day 6/21

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