Hot Town, Summer in the City!!!

Hey all you Triple Threats!!! Despite the rising temps, we know you're out there hustling, and soaking up the NYC summer vibes. Here at RG, we're keeping it cool (literally). So before your next audition or rehearsal, swing by and grab a nice, cool, air-conditioned "warm-up" studio... and chill. Also, check out our RG Premiere Membership program and take advantage of our discounted Holiday Rates.

Last month, we celebrated the Tony Awards, and were thrilled to see so many of our colleagues walk away with the coveted prize. Bravo, everyone!!! This month the party continues at BroadwayCon 2024 (July 26-28). So get ready to geek out and celebrate all things Broadway!!! (more info below). See you at the studios.

Graham McCarty 

RG Creative Director

BroadwayCon 2024

July 26th - 28th (Fri - Sun)

New York Hilton - Midtown

Experience the magic of the New York Theatre Community!!! BroadwayCon is a 3-Day Broadway extravaganza, where the worlds of theatre and fandom collide! Rub elbows with your favorite stars, attend engaging panels, sing along to your favorite show tunes and celebrate some of the newest and most exciting shows on Broadway.

While you're there, be sure to stop by the Ripley-Grier Studios Booth and enter our FREE RAFFLE TO WIN $200 OF STUDIO TIME (and other fabulous prizes). We'll be doing Broadway Trivia, introducing some new RG Merch items, and chatting up attendees. 

Hope to see you there!!!

Tickets still available at

The 2024 Olympic Games begins July 26th.

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For 100 years, the Episcopal Actors' Guild has been helping NYC's professional actors, singers, and dancers keep a roof over their head and put food on the table when times are tough. EAG's Emergency Aid & Relief Program can provide financial grants for rent, utilities, or medical bills. And their Actor's Pantry provides food assistance to performing artists experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

Are you a performer in need of assistance?

Or are you in a position to aid in EAG's efforts?

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World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a group of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural / man-made disasters, and humanitarian crisis around the world.

* Ripley-Grier Studios supports WCK by selling merchandise and providing donation boxes at all 4 locations.

We've raised more than $9,000 for WCK.

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Greetings everyone!

Welcome to July: Summer Olympics from Paris (what a location) plus fireworks, parades, outdoor events, concerts, travel, & "beach" things.. Don't forget to get your Olympics coverage schedule, so many super competitions. Cheer on your team!...

I've been in the ocean now for a week and a half. The water temperature warmed up, then got really cold but now it's warming up again. I have my yellow boogie board, my yellow Camaro convertible, my 3.2 mm wetsuit, fins and off I go! It's my Jam! Working on my stamina I've "boarded" the waves for 4 sessions so far, getting better and better. I'll be boogieing from now until the end of October when the water is still warm and the air temp tolerable.

Our daughter, Jeannie, graduated from Hofstra University in June with an MA in Public Relations. She'll be working at RG full time this fall. She went to a lot of shows this Spring and took me to Merrily We Roll Along recently and it was great. The audience was amazing, enthusiastic, and on point with every line and song. (She's seen it 4 times, it's her favorite).

I lived in Manhattan for many years, 1971 to 2002, immersed in New York Culture, privy to New York parties, events and was affected by societal influences / behaviors. I observed and worked my way into the "in crowd". Most years lacking in funds but learning how to wrangle into "happening" events / actions during that "hip" time in fashion, social trends, while navigating the Manhattan scene. Working at the Lotte Berk Method fitness studio on the Upper East Side taught me how to drop my "fuck you" (sorry) Jersey attitude and speech and become more sophisticated: upgrading wardrobe and fashion sense. I learned from models, actresses, and socially influential women in many fields. My mentor Lydia Bach, the owner of Lotte Berk, was like a finishing school headmistress. She groomed all her teachers, (I was a sponge), sending us to dance classes, hair & makeup sessions, and masseuses. She handed out Eastern philosophy books to read, and treated us to great international restaurants. When young I was told that dental health was important, but didn't pay attention until I came to Manhattan. I went to the top dentist in Manhattan, had regular cleanings and checkups, flossed every night, used an electric toothbrush and finally a waterpik (no matter how tired). The best dermatologist in Manhattan was my specialist (he found early melanoma and we treated it successfully). One of my mentors (a private student) was Georgette Singer who owned the top skin care salons in Manhattan (world renown). She had that great European experience and philosophy about skincare. For the face: "never soap", "no hot water", gently clean off makeup every night (even if you think you're too tired), moisturize. Drink lots of water, no sun (that one was hard), sunscreen always. Shower less, unless working out (definitely not every day) and not a lot of soap or shampoo. From experts I learned to exercise regularly and with purpose (before I was just doing sports). Advice: Practice standing up straight, check yourself out in store windows when walking. Dance and sing, so good for your psyche and mental attitude. Practice smiling in a mirror, say "yes" a lot. Meditate, take time to be alone in quiet spaces.

Enjoy this time of year, Happy Summer!! Regards, Patricia


Hi everyone. Happy Summer!

I've seen a number of shows in the past 3 months: Merrily We Roll Along (3x), Impractical Jokers @ Radio City, Uncle Vanya, The Wiz, An Enemy of the People, and Appropriate.

"Merrily" has become one of my favorite musicals ever and I've seen it a total of 4 times! I'm so sad that it's closing this month but they had a great run and I'm happy that Jonathan Groff and Daniel Radcliffe won Tonys along with the musical winning Best Revival!

I had heard great things about Appropriate, and after seeing that Sarah Paulson won a Tony and the play won Best Revival, I knew I had to see it before it closed. My expectations were blown away and I loved the play! The actors were great together and has quickly became one of my favorite plays.

I'm looking forward to seeing new shows in the next few months! Hopefully Cabaret next!

Until next time, Jeannie

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Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear...

Ramiro Rojas (7/3)

Happy Birthday to you.

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French American Heritage Month

Independent Retailer Month

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American Zoo Day (7/1)

Canada Day (7/1)

International Joke Day (7/1)

International Reggae Day (7/1)

National UFO Day (7/2)

Independence Day (7/4)

Graham Crackers Day (7/5)

Global Forgiveness Day (7/7)

National Free Slurpee Day (7/11)

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