Welcome to August-September 2022 NewsNotes
In this edition:
  • Resources for equine flood preparedness and health awareness 
  • Home & Ranch Fire Safety information
  • Prep your Pet-Sitter!
  • Help Flood & Fire relief efforts 

Dear HALTER Project Community:
We hope your summer has been filled with fun and relaxation with friends and loved ones (and animals!), riding the trails, walking the beaches, and enjoying togetherness.

However, we recognize that for many, the past few weeks have brought severe challenges, devastation, and grief. Thousands of people and animals have been displaced or are stranded in areas hit hard by floods or fires. And millions are coping with unrelenting heat. The news is hard to watch.

Nature continually reminds us of why preparedness is so very important. In times of emergencies and disasters, having the plans and supplies we need to care for ourselves, our families and our animals is calming, and often, lifesaving. The “muscle-memory” that a bit of education and training provides can be empowering. This is why we started the HALTER Project and it’s what keeps us going.
Our sumner has been packed with community outreach activities and trainings. Our newsletter this month includes a calendar of prep events in our own area -- we’ll be at every one!

Wherever YOU live, there are bound to be similar safety fairs, Preparedness Town Halls, and volunteers diligently staffing “Info Tables” at farmers markets and other community activities.
Take time to participate, stop and chat, and spread the word.
Refresh your emergency supplies, practice your evacuation prep and plan, and work/play with your pets and equines to help them be ready. Remember to check in and chat with neighbors who might need help in an emergency. Get to know each other’s animals.

HALTER Project works hard to provide free, trustworthy info and resources. In this edition we are featuring links to resources relevent weather, flooding and fire conditions. to (just a few of) the articles on HALTERproject.org by leading veterinary experts on the health impacts on equines affected by long exposure to water. We are also including links to information about water storage and safety, and water requirements animals and people.

We’re heading into September and National Preparedness Month. But why wait? Staying prepared year-round makes sense. Don’t wait-PARTICIPATE!! We’re here to help!

These organizations, among others, are providing rescue and shelter resources and support to communities currently facing extreme conditions.
Siskyou Fires: SNIP of Siskiyou County

Veterinary support for displaced horses and animals from Ukraine:

Support your local Humane Society and Red Cross Chapter
-- they are among the very first to respond in any disaster.
Sonoma Valley Back to School Health Fair
Our mission is to provide K-12 students, parents, and the community a healthy & prepared start to the school year.
VIRTUAL All-Hazards/Wildland Fireline Safety Course

You will be introduced to the basic incident management organization, general wildland safety and the basics of fire behavior. Review & discuss current issues/concerns in the wildland, risk management and entrapment avoidance. Review forecasts and assessments for the upcoming fire season.

You must check with your organization for acceptance of the course to comply with your agencies guidelines. This course is required by Sonoma County to become an Animal Disaster Service Worker.   

Cost is $30 (this includes both courses) Sponsorship available upon request. Certain groups i.e. UC Davis VERT, Napa CART fees are covered under an agreement

Visit ResQFAST.com for details and registration
Get Ready!
September is National Preparedness Month!!