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Figure Drawing at
City Arts Center 

Clothed Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Free for OAG Members. There is a $5.00 charge for non-members.

Nude Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
Free for OAG Members. There is a $5.00 charge for non-members. Members and non-members must be 18 or older.

Inclement Weather
Please check the media or Oklahoma Contemporary's website for possible closing on Oklahoma Art Guild meeting dates.


About Us

The Oklahoma Art Guild (OAG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1954, with the objective of creating, promoting and developing all forms of the visual arts.  The membership includes professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and patrons of the visual arts.


March Demonstration  
  Jim Weaver
Monday, March 20
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts - 7-9pm


Jim Weaver has studied and practiced leather carving for over ten years but has looked at and studied art of all kinds for many years. Recently he has been experimenting with making block prints from tooled leather. He uses the techniques of western-style leather carving to represent natural resources, history, and spirituality in folk-art style projects. Usually the ground is cut open to show the earth and its resources. He calls the anvil, buffalo, whale, crown, gold nugget, oil derrick, Devil's Tower, gas stations, etc., his characters, and they reappear in different projects and contexts. Often he hints at meanings in the titles ("In the Peaceable Kingdom") or a visual context as the gold nugget which can't tip the scales of justice. Still he wants the projects to be open-ended, and wants the viewers to see what they will in the images.  Jim will be sharing with us about his art and demonstrating some of his techniques and will bring tools so that attendees can participate.

For more of Jim's work, visit his website.
Don't forget OAG Artist of the Month!
We have resurrected the OAG Artist of the Month! We want to see what you have been working on! Bring a piece of your work so that members can again identify you with your style. 

Time to Re-Emerge!
It has been awhile since the Oklahoma Art Guild has hosted a Members' Show. It's happening in May 2017! So, dirty your pallet and fingernails and get ready to enter. The Oklahoma Art Guild embraces artists at all points in their career...emerging, re-emerging, well-seasoned or just getting started. We also embrace artists expressing themselves in all media. However, this show will be open only to 2D and 3D original works sustainable for purchase (no installations or video). Click here for current info. Prospectus and update info will be available on-line and at our monthly OAG Demo/Meeting on March 20.