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In Memory Of Louis R. Carrier, Sr.

June 21, 1925 – February 21, 2022

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I have written about my father, Lou Carrier, before in this space. As perhaps most fathers are to their sons, he was larger than life to me. Whatever I am, his stamp is there. His influence on my three sisters and four brothers is equally clear.

Dad was competent and cogent to the very end. Family members, including heroic in-laws, took turns spending time with him, two or three weeks at a time. When the moment came, two sons and a daughter surrounded him.

Dad was a talker, mixing cranky sarcasm, mild profanity (you would never guess how many things God had damned until you spent some time with my father), and sweet sentimentality. He was deeply and unapologetically committed to his Catholic faith. Fish on Friday, Mass on Sunday. No excuses.

He lived through the Great Depression, working at my grandfather’s laundry. Then came World War II. His older brother was a PT boat captain in the South Pacific. Dad was an enlisted Photographer’s Mate at the Philadelphia Naval Air Station.

After the war, he went to college on the GI Bill with other soldiers, sailors, and Marines. He wooed and won my Mom and they set about having a family. A large family. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dad was a schoolteacher. He came home and took a nap to 5 p.m. Then he had dinner and was clocking in at the Narragansett Brewery by 6 p.m. Punched out at 2 a.m. Home for another nap. School at 8 a.m. Repeat. He kept this schedule for 17 years. Except for summertime, when he was a carpenter by day. One wife, 8 children, 19 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. All of whom like him. And are like him. A lot.

Lou and Betty are the inspiration for LifePlanning™. Their example of love and dedication to each other and to their family convinced me that we had to break the dreary cycle of spend-down, spend-down, spend-down… Nursing Home Poverty… Medicaid… No Choices... No Legacy...

And for 32 years we’ve done just that.

Thanks Dad!

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