AHS Board of Directors Meeting: Wed. 4/17, 5:30-7:30pm

Advanced Digital Arts Exhibition: Thurs. 4/18, 4-5:30pm at 2nd Deli and Spirits

Spring Friendraiser: Thurs. 4/18, 5:30-8pm at Henry Strater Theatre

AHS Prom: Fri. 4/19, 7-11pm at Durango Elks Club

LINK Internships (11th grade): Mon. 4/22 through Fri. 5/10

All School Exhibition: Thurs. 5/16, 4-7pm at AHS

Senior Celebration: Tues. 5/21, 5-7pm at Powerhouse Science Center

Senior Supper: Thurs. 5/23, 6-8pm at AHS

AHS Graduation: Fri. 5/24, 4-5:30pm at Community Concert Hall

Transitional Presentations of Learning: Tues. 5/28 through Fri. 5/31

Last Day of School: Fri. 5/31