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Where the Creator and creation pray, play, and wonder together

Beatrice the Bumblebee Is Excited to See the Flowers Bloom

No Mow May is back. Will you take the challenge of helping all the creatures who are getting a jump-start this Spring by not mowing your lawn for one full month? I know it’s hard but think of how much this boost from these early flowering plants will help our precious pollinators. For more information on what you can do, click HERE. 

Let's Check Our Calendars!

The 2023 Outdoor Ministry Event Registrations are open!

At our recent Spring Conference Youth Event, we were blessed to have 7 youth from 3 congregations join us for an amazing journey discover. Using trees as our guide, we learned how connected we are to creation and how similar the systems throughout our bodies are to the natural world. It is that connection that helped us grow in our understanding of the sacredness of the earth and the sacredness within us.

With two events completed in our season, we are looking forward to sharing more opportunities with our congregations and friends. Make sure you register soon, as some of these events have limited space.

A Note from Outdoor Ministries Association - United Church of Christ (OMA-UCC)

Rev. Sheri Nelson, Director of Outdoor Ministry/MN Conference is currently serving her first term on the Outdoor Ministry Association-UCC Board. At the first in-person meeting, there was a great deal of discussion on a proposal from the PCCCA (Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association) to partner in an exclusive move, which will merge the associations into what will be called the Campfire Collective.

After hours of discussion, it was decided that OMA-UCC, with 38 camps, retreat centers, and the MN Conference, will spend its energy to develop stronger partnerships within the UCC, such as conferences without camps and National, especially around youth, young adults, and justice issues.

Though ecumenical partnerships have advantages, the United Church of Christ typically plays a smaller role than it should. We are a small but mighty denomination with much to share. Our identity as a social justice-oriented body is crucial in these times when government entities want to strip away the rights from so many humans and the earth itself. 

The Outdoor Ministry/ MN Conference will work to ensure that Creation Justice and Youth and Young Adult Leadership will be at the forefront of these discussions and actions, as OMA looks to grow its membership and partnerships within the United Church of Christ. 

Want to Join the Conversation?

There are some amazing opportunities to collaborate with Outdoor Ministry and other teams through the MN Conference.

Currently, as part of the work that Outdoor Ministry/MN Conference, there are teams that are active and need more voices, hands, and feet, and there is a new team that is in the works to brainstorm possibilities for future events, discussions, and works through OM/MNC.

  • Creation Justice Team- a Prophetic Witness team of the MN Conference. This is a team with clergy and lay folks interested in environmental issues and actions. They meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month via Zoom.
  • Great Lakes Creation Care Collaborative- an environmental witness and action group consisting of the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Heartland Conferences. Recent work has been collaborating on the 2022 Creation Justice Zoom Gathering series, and sharing resources around divestment from fossil fuels, Enbridge pipelines, and the 2023 Farm Bill.
  • Creation Care/Earthwise Congregations- the MN Conference has 28 Congregations listed as Creation Justice/Earthwise/Green Churches. All these churches have resources, stories, and opportunities to share. Let’s grow this list to include all our churches and share in the bounty of wisdom together.
  • Outdoor Ministry Pollinators- this is a new group that will assist the director of Outdoor Ministry brainstorming and finding resources to share.

If you are interested in more information and/or joining one or more of these groups, please contact Rev. Sheri Nelson at

Want More Resources? Have Some to Share?

The Outdoor Ministry page of the MN Conference has a list of resources open for all. You will find articles, book suggestions, videos from past Zoom Gatherings, and past newsletters.

If there is something you think needs to be added, please contact Rev. Sheri Nelson at


Book: Echo of the Soul: The Sacredness of the Human Body by J. PHilip Newell

Organization: Re:wild. Protecting and rebuilding the wild places across the globe.

Articles: Global Electricity Review 2023

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