June 26, 2023

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Welcome Alba Luz!

Dwelling Place Closing

Outstanding Women in the Law Award

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

Recognition for St. Mary's Medical Center

"Pathway to Peace & Inner Freedom:

Reflections on the Twelve Steps"

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Welcome Alba Luz!

Alba Luz Mejia Solis has joined the Motherhouse Community in Allegany, where she will continue her time as a novice. She will participate in the CARE Program and will be involved in other activities relevant to the novitiate in Allegany. This time will allow Alba to reflect on her experience in the common novitiate in Chicago and all she has learned during that time. 

The Dwelling Place of New York Closing

For 45 years The Dwelling Place of New York, a sponsored ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, has served as a transitional shelter in midtown Manhattan for women experiencing homelessness.

At this time, due to financial and staffing issues, there is a need to end the ministry so the issues may be resolved. 

As of July 12, The Dwelling Place will no longer be in operation.

Sr. Margaret Magee, Congregational Minister, shares, “The presence and ministry of the Dwelling Place throughout the years has been a significant blessing to women in need. We are grateful to the many faithful volunteers, staff, board members, donors and sisters who have served with joy and hope. We pray for the Spirit’s guidance in the work needed at this time.”

Since 1977, The Dwelling Place has provided food and shelter to thousands of women while helping them develop a plan to safely live on their own. Plans are being made to find shelter for the women currently in residence.

As of June 12, 2023, Deborah Pollock, the former Administrative Director and President, is no longer affiliated with the Dwelling Place of NY, Inc.

Donations are not being accepted at this time.  

Please contact Anne Holliday, FSA Communications Coordinator at (716) 373-0200 Ext. 3246 or anne.holliday@fsallegany.org with any questions.

Outstanding Women in the Law Award

Earlier this month Mary Jane Nevins, Esq. received an “Outstanding Women in the Law Award” from the Eighth Judicial District’s Women in the Courts – Gender Fairness Committee. This is the program from the luncheon, at which she received the award (also pictured).

Thanks to Sr. Mary Croghan for providing us with the information. 

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

Earlier this month the St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation welcomed Sr. Pat Shirley, OSF, to the foundation office, where she taught foundation members about the history of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and how the sisters helped complete St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1934.

Five sisters are currently part of the St. Joseph's Hospitals family, including Foundation board member Sr. Catherine Cahill, OSF. The foundation says, “They have played an integral role in St. Joe's history and continue to help make a difference in our patients and team members' lives.”

Recognition for St. Mary's Medical Center

St. Mary’s Medical Center is the first hospital in Florida to use the innovative FreeClimb 70 reperfusion system powered by Tenzing from Route 92 Medical.

Designed for superior deliverability and increased efficiency, the FreeClimb 70 system combines the advanced technology of the FreeClimb 70 catheter and the Tenzing 7 delivery catheter. The FreeClimb 70 system delivers a refined aspiration technique enabling physicians to provide fast, effective treatment to stroke patients, potentially saving lives, and reducing the risk of long-term disability.

Dr. Ali Malek, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center, was the Neurointerventionalist who successfully treated the first Florida patient using the FreeClimb 70 system. “In the battle against stroke every new tool we gain access to gives us the chance to improve the quality of life for more patients,” Dr. Malek said.

What is now St. Mary’s Medical Center was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in 1938.

From: South Florida Hospital News - southfloridahospitalnews.com

Publication By: Judith Terrameo, OSF

"Pathway to Peace and Inner Freedom: Reflections on the Twelve Steps"

Just about every adult has heard of the Twelve Step program. Sister Judith Terrameo went one step further.

She wrote “Pathway to Peace and Inner Freedom: Reflections on the Twelve Steps.”

A recovering alcoholic, Sister Judith said another sister asked her to share her reflections on the Twelve Step program in an effort to help others cope with various issues. She said while she was caring for her sick father the project “was a nice outlet” for her.

The 32-page booklet includes prayers, poetry, photography and “Spiritual Groundwork” questions. She said combining poetry and Ignatian Spirituality seemed to be the best approach to achieving the goal she had in mind. She added that the Spiritual Groundwork at the end of each reflection is “perfect for group sharing,” with questions like “What is my image of God?” and “Did you like the person you were today?”

She stressed that the booklet is not exclusively for people with addiction issues. “We all deal with something,” she said.

Sister Judith said “being given the gift and grace to share with others is an honor.”

To purchase a copy at $5.00 each, please send a check payable to

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany” and mail to:

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany; Attn: Claire Majot; P.O. Box W, St Bonaventure, NY 14778.

Or if you are visiting the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse cash can be accepted.

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