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MAY 2024

Can I Get a Witness for God’s Glory

Audio broadcast #3

Will Kendrick

Will Kendrick, St. Michael’s Youth Leader, shares his personal testimony with you about sin and redemption as a young, ambitious and talented baseball player who chased his dream of fame and fortune in pursuit of a career as a professional baseball player. Will’s personal story will take you right along with him on his rocky journey of temptation, poor choices and decisions that he made, a journey that almost cost him his family, and his future. You will also be blessed to hear about his amazing personal encounter with the manifest presence and power of the Holy Spirit that healed him and changed his life forever.

This is a continuation of CARE’s Can I Get a Witness For God’s Glory audio series. Click the links below to hear Will' story, as well as testimonies from Audrey Buck and Jane Howerth.

Click here to LISTEN to Audio #3 - Will's Story
Click here to LISTEN to Audio #2 - Audrey's Story
Click here to LISTEN to Audio #1 - Jane's Story



I believe we are called to the ministry of CARE to minister not from the presence of Jesus Christ in our heart but from the overflow of Christ’s love that spills out of our heart when the Holy Spirit moves in. Like a cup of liquid when it is filled to capacity and weight is added to it, the weight displaces the water and the water pushes up and spills out in all directions to seek its lowest point of least resistance. Isn’t this what happens in the overflow of Christ’s love in us through the added power and weight of the Holy Spirit? Doesn’t ministry typically occur when the Holy Spirit pushes our love for Jesus up and outside ourselves for the CARE, prayer and blessing of others.


In the two scripture references below, God calls us to CARE for our brothers and sisters in Christ in two ways:


1 John 3:18 - Let us love, not in word or speech, but in TRUTH AND ACTION.


1 Chronicles 16:24 - DECLARE His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!


If you feel empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit to use your gifts and talents to bless others in our St. Michael’s Church Family through the overflow of love in your heart for Jesus Christ, please call the church office at 843-723-0603 or

(TEXT: David Richardson, To: 843-860-5124, Subject: Congregational CARE).  


Blessings in Christ,


David Richardson

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