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Happy New Year!

It is late January, and we are in the midst of a cold spell with much of the country covered by snow. If you left clumps in the ground last fall, the snow will provide some insulation. The biggest threat to the clumps is soggy soil.  In many areas frost levels seldom reach the clumps. Even if they do, think of it as an opportunity to enjoy some new dahlias in your gardens!

Click here to find a society in your area.

The ADS is comprised of over 70 independent local societies.  If there is a society near you, it will probably have tuber sales and/or auctions beginning in the spring. Even if you grow just a few dahlia plants you can get prime varieties and advice about which varieties do best in your area at these local sales. Dahlia growers are a friendly lot and love to "talk dahlias". You will like meeting them.  

Many of the local sales will be listed on the ADS website starting in late February, and of course local society websites will list information about their sales.  

The map above indicates the locations of our societies. The link will connect you to a list of dahlia societies by state/province. Most of the society names on the list provide a link to the society website where you will find a wealth of information. You can also get to the societies list via (under the main menu item SOCIETIES)

The ADS website contains a list of advertisers who sell tubers. If you are not near a society or are looking for a particular variety, this list is a great resource.
Dahlias tubers are also available in mail-order catalogs , garden centers, hardware stores, and big box stores like Cosco. These are mostly standard Dutch varieties that are exported each year by the millions. They are usually small clumps that have been bumped around. Two years ago I found boxes in a Kinney Drug store in the Adirondacks! These are good entry-level dahlias but nowhere near what you will find from other sources.

It's not too early to start planning your 2019 garden and procuring your tubers. Some of the best sources sell out early.

Spring and dahlia season are on the way,
Harry Rissetto  

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