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How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer
  • First, start with a clean container. You wouldn't eat off a dirty plate, and your flowers don't want to either.
  • Don't use the flower food packet. If it is not measured exactly in the right proportion of water, then it does more harm than good.

  • Avoid getting leaves in the water.
  • And perhaps the most important of all, cut the stems and add fresh (tepid) tap water every 2-3 days.

Alstroemeria (pictured), Chrysanthemum,
and Carnations are long lasting cut flowers.

Roses in winter.
Tree Tattoos
Why is there that awkward period in some people's lives when they don't know what to do with themselves, so they go down to the park and vandalize a tree? Perhaps, in terms of evolution, it marks a need to claim one's own territory - or just to learn how to steal a knife, conceal it in a public place and gain the skills needed to carve your name into the bark of an unsuspecting, unarmed vegetable! Pictured - a message of love, from someone called 'SRZ', to someone called 'JM', cruelly cut into the bark of a Beech after a good length of the outer bark had been stripped off.
Fortunately, the outer bark stripping was not enough to kill the vascular cambium on the stem of this tree, and a great deal of surface callous has been produced to heal the damage done. The tree has grown its outer bark anew - and the love between Sam and Julia is now hard to see. Lesson learned: We've all done things in our youth that we now regret doing.

If you damaged a park tree when young, why not volunteer to plant a new tree in your local park? Then you will see that the next generation shows no interest in what you've done - other than perhaps vandalizing it.

Witness tree, Graffiti tree, Tattoo tree, Autograph tree, Initial tree, Scarring tree, Valentine tree. They say it really doesn't hurt the tree, all that carving. But harm and hurt are different. Beech bark is a tender thing.

A banyan tree in Lahaina Maui Hawaii is the largest in the United States. This tree is now under constant police patrol to prevent any damage to the tree, including carving your name in it.

A tree bears witness to the past at the Middleton plantation in Charleston, SC.

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