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Learn more about the UF Transportation Institute
STRIDE Center Selected as the 2016 USDOT University Transportation Center for the Southeast Region
The Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education Center (STRIDE) consortium will receive up to $14 million for the next five years towards developing novel strategies for reducing congestion. The STRIDE Center will continue to be housed and managed at the University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) under the leadership of Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, professor and director of the UFTI and STRIDE.  [Read more]
Check out the STRIDE Center's latest final reports!
Several STRIDE projects have been completed this past semester. Check out the full list of final reports here:  [View reports]  
Dynamic Traffic Control Interventions for Enhanced Mobility & Economic Competitiveness
This p roject developed a tool that assesses and prioritizes alternative active traffic management (ATM)
strategies on freeway facilities which mimic strategies 
that are expected to be implemented in the real-world. The development of this project fills a major gap in currently available tools and evaluation methods. To read more, click here: [View report] 
Consequence Based Route Selection for Hazardous Material Cargo: GIS-Based Time Progression of Environmental Impact Radius of Accidental Spills
T he aim of this study was to investigate the transportation networks in order to identify the most suitable routes for transporting hazardous material  cargoes. The potential key contribution of the study is the development of a decision tool to assist in comparing and selecting highway routes to transport hazardous materials. To read more click here:   [View report]  
Signalized Intersection Simulation Program for Education
The result of this project is a simulation program that can lead to more efficient and effective learning methods for students than traditional commercial simulation

[View report]

[View Course Website]
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Ben McManus, University of Alabama at Birmingham

A daily routine that consists of waking up every morning at 3:30, working out for an hour and a
half, then heading to his laboratory office to work on his research. This is a day in the life of Ben McManus, a doctoral student and STRIDE Student of the Year nominee from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  [Read More]
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jack Cebe, The Georgia Institute of Technology

Actively involved in six transportation-related organizations, an avid guitarist, and a motivated researcher are the qualities that characterize Jack Cebe, a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech).At GaTech, Cebe is pursuing a dual master's degree in City and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering with a concentration in transportation. [Read More]
Congratulations to Don Watson on being selected as the STRIDE Center's 2016 Student of the Year! 
The award will be presented to Watson in January 2017 at the 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, D.C. 
Dr. Ossama E. Ramadan Receives 2016 UAB Excellent Peer Postdoc Award   
Dr. Ossama E. Ramadan earned his PhD in Civil Engineering with emphasis on transportation from UAB in 2016 under the mentorship of Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow  in
Transportation Engineering at UAB. He has published several research articles on traffic safety, intelligent transportation systems and transportation operations. His research interests are in work zone traffic control, and transportation performance management.  Congratulations, Dr. Ramadan! 
Congratulations to the following STRIDE Students for winning awards! 
Homa Fartash (FIU)
Henry P. Boggs Best Student Paper Award & Bill McGrath Transportation Studies Scholarship

Deja Jackson (UF) 
Women in Leadership Scholarship
WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff

Eleftheria (Ria) Kontou (UF) 
2016 Future Industry Spotlight Award by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)  & Frankee Hellinger Scholarship, WTS  
Megan McGinley (UF)
Frankee Hellinger Scholarship, WTS 
Technology Transfer & Workforce Development
Planning Tools for Linking Rural Development & Transportation Showcased at Conferences 
Dr. Brian J. Morton has  developed a suite of analytical and communication tools that will help inform discussions of the benefits and costs of different development trajectories. Along with fellow researcher John Poros, the results of the study were presented at the Annual Conference of the Mississippi and Alabama Chapters of the American Planning Association and the 2016 Regional Transportation Conference. [Read More] 
Statewide Training of Safety Analyst in Florida
Dr. Priyanka Alluri 
Dr. Priyanka Alluri of Florida International University was the principal investigator in charge of a STRIDE-funded technology transfer project, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), that trained users on the latest highway safety analysis methods and tools.  [Read More] 
STRIDE-Funded Project, Effects of Roadside Distractors on Performance of Drivers With & Without Attention Deficit Tendencies, to be Presented at TRB 2017 
Georgia Tech and Morehead State researchers led by Dr. Michael Hunter will be presenting the results of the STRIDE funded project "Distracted Driving - It is not always a choice," at the 96th  Annual Transportation Research Board in January 2017. The research team studied the influence of roadside distractors on the performance of drivers with and without attention deficit disorders.  [Read More] 
News from ITE & WTS Student Chapters
ITE and WTS student chapters across the STRIDE partner universities at GaTech, UAB, FIU, NCSU and UF were bustling with activity this Fall 2016.

Read more about WTS               
Southeastern Transportation, Research, Innovation, Development & Education Center
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