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Sept. 3, 2021
BREAKING NEWS: Flood Damage from Storm Impacts Opening of Two Schools
New Rochelle High School Building Opening Delayed,
Remote Learning Will Start School Year;

Isaac E. Young Middle School to Open Monday, Sept. 13

The torrential downpours brought by the remnants of Ida this week were devastating to our community, causing catastrophic damage and loss of life and property.

Since Thursday morning, City School District of New Rochelle leaders have been assessing flood damage at some School District buildings.

Most notably, at New Rochelle High School, the situation is serious. Unfortunately, the building received substantial damage, and will take significant time to remediate. There are losses to flooring, walls, and electrical and mechanical systems, including the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems’ pumps and motors, as well as maintenance tools and equipment.

Due to this damage, the New Rochelle High School building WILL NOT open Friday as scheduled. A reopening date is not known at this time. School District and high school leaders will announce remote-learning details as soon as they are available.

Isaac E. Young Middle School sustained floor and wall damage, which is now being repaired. The school will be cleaned and disinfected, and it will be safe and healthy for students and staff. Isaac E. Young Middle School, which was scheduled to open Friday, Sept. 10, will now open Monday, Sept. 13.

Superintendent Jonathan Raymond said, “While this is disappointing news, the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our top priority. We know these delays impact many families, and our teams at our schools and across our district will work as hard as possible to ensure a positive learning experience for our students and reopen our high school as soon as possible.”

The School District will communicate news updates through email and other mediums such as robocalls, website announcements and social media.