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Happy New Year! 2013~

On February 10, the Chinese New Year will arrive!

The Year of the Snake! 

Gung Hee Fat Choy!




We are happy to be with you again in newsletter form.  The last three years have been tough in communicating with you but now the new web site is still being populated...please take a look if you have not:
And now we have a newsletter!

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Flyer of events in Salta
Last year we began to use Constant Contact, an internet service that assists us in keeping our data base up to date, gives us a way for everyone to receive all the information about an event at once, and allows you to register with ease.  

This is the way to register for events!  
If you are not interested in the event, pass it on to someone else who may be or delete it without guilt. The announcements will come throughout the year.  

We try to be selective with the groups of students/masters who receive certain announcements.  If you feel you are not in the correct group, please let us know....for example, if you are a master and do not receive mailings for master events, then perhaps you are in the students mailing list. 

We are constantly refining our mailings.  We would appreciate your assistance in making these relevant to you and to your community.  

websiteFor specific calendar of events

Longing for a Reiki Family 

Christmas and New Year 2013?


Joyce Winough and Phyllis Furumoto want to open Kenyon Ranch for the Reiki Family from December 23- January 2. If you are seriously interested, please contact Joyce at by August 1, 2013.  We will see if there is enough interest to continue the planning.  A minimum would be 12 people staying during a given period of time.   Children are welcome.  The Ranch is accessible by wheelchair for those who need assistance.  


You may register for December 23-28 and December 29-January 3.  We are also open to the dates you would like to stay.  The cost will not be based on the usual room and food costs for the Ranch.  We are negotiating with the owners.  Meals will be prepared and served by us.  Phyllis will be organizing the meals and preparation.  


Activities would include daily reiki treatments, dancing and making music, meditations, walking the labyrinth, hiking through the forests of Saguaro Cactus, sharing our favorite foods from our cultures and land, experiencing our Reiki spirit and enjoying the energy of Reiki Family.  

The Reiki Home:  a vision and calling

Reiki home
We are both deeply engaged in Reiki Home, hearing the calling from not just the system but from the global Reiki community.  At this time, Reiki Home is an energy field that is becoming more and more physical.  We are not able to predict the form or how this will eventually manifest, but manifest it will.  

You will find more information and ways to connect to Reiki Home in the web site under the Reiki Foundation International, the non profit organization that will hold, not only the Reiki Home but all the responsibilities that will emerge as the global community begins to find its purpose and the way to serve humanity.  

We all have questions.  There are not many answers available Reiki leads us from one step to another without revealing the future.  From our lives with Reiki we trust the process and keep taking our steps.  

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