Welcome to "The Dirt" where we share what you can expect from us in the coming weeks,  what's new at NatureWorks, and some garden buzz.
Paradigm Shift
Innovation is core to our culture, and our fleet of robotic lawn mowers speaks to this core value by harnessing clean, quiet, gps technology, to reimagine how landscape work gets done. These automowers are widespread in Europe, and now we're bringing them to MA. Our automower customers enjoy a healthier, lusher lawn, that is continuously clipped to the perfect height. L ow grass also means less tick habitat, keeping populations in check. Check out this hot-off-the-presses feature in Boston Magazine to learn more:  Using Robots to Mow Your Lawn 

Automower rolling along.

How Much is a Headache Worth?
Did you know we arrange all sorts of outdoor-related services for our clients beyond the typical landscape stuff? Like gutter cleaning, window washing, and power washing. We can be your single call for everything outside. Referring to a recent electrical repair, client Tom Copeman has this to say:
Winter Moth Update
Winter moth is 'no longer a pest', according to a UMass report released earlier this spring. The population was so  greatly reduced this year that we are no longer treating for them. In case you're curious, you can find all the geeky details here

You'll still see the occasional critter and its damage, but the population is way down.
Project Spotlight: New House, Old Landscape
The house is brand new, on a lot where an out-of-date home once stood with the landscaping to match. Before our client closed on the sale, she engaged us to completely renovate the landscape. What was once a typical suburban lot is transformed into an elegant, functional space with a beautiful design from our project partners at Kerry Lewis Landscape Architects.  It's nearly finished for an end of June move-in, and it's a stunner!

Perennials in our client's favorite hues; a hydrangea tree hedge will separate the lawn from the sport court; a new bluestone landing and walk.
Partners in Giving
We care about what you care about and want to partner with you in your charitable endeavors. Please call on us to contribute to the organizations or events you're involved in. Past donations have included centerpieces, containers, display decor, auction items for seasonal decor, and paid advertising. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss the possibilities.

Some of our recent partnerships.

Service Snaps
Who doesn't love a compliment? Our staff really appreciates hearing kind words from our customers - it motivates them to go the extra mile on your properties. If you're pleased with our service, please consider writing us a Google review.  Click here and scroll down the left side to the "Write a Review" link. Here's a recent 5-star entry:
Summer Color Round-Up
Inspiration from a few of this year's favorite installations. Unique styles custom-designed for each clients' unique tastes.

Tropical to match the apricot-colored pool furniture nearby; pink geraniums are always the mainstay on this property; and simple beachy elegance for this Weston estate. 

Cocktails from the Garden
New England Wild Flower Society held a fun June event,  'Plants & Pints', with beers from Trillium Brewery, and a demonstration of how to mix cocktails using common native plants you might find in your garden - sweet birch (for a root beer flavor), bee balm (minty), and hyssop (licorice). For a twist on the usual mojito, mixer Dan Jaffe says 'you can basically substitute any plant in the mint family ( Lamiaceae) for regular mint, including bee balm (monarda), lavender or rosemary. 

Refreshing summer cocktails using native plants - New England Ice Tea, Wild Hyssop Hiccup, Monarda Mojito.
"Whoever said money can't buy happiness has clearly never been
to a garden center."