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Simplified Motion Series Electric Drives j
Easy-to-use, just plug and work!
Festo’s Simplified Motion Series consists of different linear and rotary electromechanical components together with a simple application-optimized combination of motor and integrated servo drive.

With this solution there is no need for external drives or for the installation of a control cabinet, because the Simplified Motion Series is mounted directly in the machine. There is no need for additional software – Just plug and work. The motion can be simply controlled via digital I/O, like a pneumatic valve. Performance parameters can be set directly on the drive.

Configurable Electric Vacuum Gripper
Unlimited customization fits all your application needs
The VGC10 electrical compact vacuum gripper has changeable suction cup options too for nearly any application need. Smaller and at half the weight of the VG10 but with the same payload, the VGC10 can lift small, odd-shaped, and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm. The VGC10 features two independently controlled air channels that allow it to act as a dual gripper with pick-up and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time.
  • Flexible electric vacuum gripper with unlimited customization fits all your application needs
  • Small, lightweight gripper is perfect for tight spaces but with plenty of power for objects up to 15kg 
  • No external air supply needed for reduced maintenance costs and faster deployment

WAGO Touch Panel 600
Multiple interface configuration for every application
High-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology.

Touch Panel 600 offers three different architectures: Web, Visu and Control, with three levels of device technologies: Advanced, Marine and Standard. Multi-Touch capable capacitive touchscreens allow gesture recognition, e.g., swipe gestures for turning pages or zooming.

Three architectures to choose from:

  • Web Panel: Pair with WAGO‘s web server enabled PLCs for a stylish operator interface. 
  • Visu Panel: Share the control load between the PLC and operator interface.
  • Control Panel: An all-in-one HMI and PLC; a high performance controller with high quality graphic resolutions.

'SE' Series Pneumatic Linear Slide
Compact design and precision construction
The  "SE" Series Pneumatic Linear Slide  was designed to fit applications where limited space is available. An integral air cylinder built into the rear of the bearing block powers the tooling bar. The  "SE"  slide's compact design and precision construction make it ideal for many machine applications where side loads are moderate and a minimum overall length is necessary.

  • Hard Coated Aluminum Cylinder Tube
  • Hard Chrome Plated 303 Stainless Steel Piston Rod
  • Buna-N U-Cup Rod & Piston Seals. (Viton Available)
  • High Strength Aluminum End Caps
  • Case Hardened & Ground Guide Shafts (Stainless Steel Available)
  • High Performance Sealed Linear Ball Bearings (Composite Bearings Available)
  • Reed Switches, Hall Effect Sensors & Proximity Switches Available

Industrial Thermoregulation
Increase system reliability and performance

Maintaining constant temperature in control panels and enclosures help improve component longevity, reliability and preserves instrumentation accuracy.
Panel Thermostat – 7T Series
The 7T panel thermostat suits the needs of both simple and sophisticated heating and ventilation systems with dedicated heating and ventilation versions. 
  • Small, compact, 17.5mm wide
  • Wide temperature setting range
  • 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount

Filter Fan – 7T Series
The 7F Series.full line-up of filter fans and exhaust filters ensure adequate ventilation in control panels and enclosures. High reliability and efficiency with quick “click-in” installation and easy electrical connections.

Panel Heater – 7T Series
7T Series panel heaters prevent the formation of condensation and ensures the optimum temperature within electrical enclosures while maintaining a small footprint.

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