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Monarch Automation is a high technology distributor serving the factory and process automation industries. 

CPX-E Modular Control System
PLC functions, multi-axis and remote I/O
The CPX-E system is a high-performance system for factory automation. It consists of individual function modules that can be used to create a modular, compact and very flexible system. Depending on the module combination, the system can be used as a purely remote I/O system or as a (centralised or decentralised) control system for factory or process automation.

CPX-E control units are designed as EtherCAT master controllers and motion controllers. These are high-performance control units which can be used both for extensive PLC functions and, in the Motion Control M1 variant, also for multi-axis applications with interpolation.

In addition to comprehensive PLC functions and multi-axis applications with interpolation, the CPX-E can be the heart of a EtherCAT® system. Different bus modules are available for using it as a compact and low-cost remote I/O.

Machine Framing, Guarding and More
Comprehensive integrated profile system
The MayTec comprehensive and integrated profile system  allows for rapid assembly and short turnaround time. Our experienced team can support you in design and implementation tailored to your individual applications. The flexible and modular construction of products means they can be easily adjusted, modified or even re-purposed.
Monarch Automation stocks literally tons of Maytec aluminum extrusion for fast delivery of your project. We will design, quote and provide 3D CAD models for your framework. Monarch can provide the aluminum framework kitted with detailed assembly instructions, sub-assembled or delivered completely assembled.

From a simple roll around cart, protective barrier or linear system, to a complete custom machine frame for your work cell, Monarch Automation can provide the framework for all of your structural design requirements.

PF3400 Industrial Collaborative Robot
World's safest/fastest robot
The PF3400 collaborative four-axis SCARA robot's inherently safe design allows the PF3400 to achieve speeds and accelerations much faster than any other collaborative robot while still limiting forces to ISO collaborative robot standards, making it the world’s fastest/safest robot.

the PF3400’s unique mechanical design is optimized for collaborative table top applications. The controller, power supplies and harnessing are embedded within the robot’s structure, eliminating external controller cabinets and simplifying installations.

Rail-mount Terminal Blocks with Levers
Simple, tool-free connections
Pull the lever up, insert a conductor, and push the lever back down. Conductors can now be easily connected and disconnected by hand in control cabinets, without requiring tools.

Connect tool-free via  rail-mount terminal blocks with levers . Push-in termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP®.

The marking system and the multifunctional range of jumpers for the well-known WAGO TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can also be used for the new rail-mount terminal blocks with levers.

Precision Shaft and Carriage Assemblies
Cost-effective with short delivery
Lintech provides both single and dual, precision round rail steel shaft assemblies .  Using a round rail linear bearing assembly is much easier to align, and keep aligned, than a square rail linear guide system would be. 

Lintech’s single and dual carriage is a complete assembly which simplifies the use of a linear bearing in a mechanical positioning application. Each assembly has the steel shaft(s) mounted to a black anodized, precision machined, aluminum support.  

The dual shaft assemblies and carriage assemblies are utilized when ease of installation is of essence. The pre-aligned shafts and the pre-aligned linear bearings on the carriage assembly allow the user to quickly mount the components in their system. 

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