Mental Health Crisis Care Collaborative

I had the pleasure of working with this group early in its planning phase and was optimistic about its future. In April 2019, with funding from bi3, Beech Acres Parenting Center, St. Joseph Orphanage, and The Children's Home of Cincinnati formed The Mental Health Crisis Care Collaborative (MHC3) to improve the accessibility to needed ongoing behavioral health services upon discharge from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Recognizing the need to ensure a seamless path from inpatient care to outpatient treatment, these three longstanding providers of children's behavioral health services embraced the opportunity for enhanced and meaningful impact by partnering together.

The MHC3 project's overarching goal is to break down barriers to accessing treatment, ensure connectivity to needed services, and honor the voices of youth and families in selecting treatment following an inpatient hospitalization. These goals have been achieved through the creation of a single point of access that allows for a warm hand-off between hospitalization and community behavioral health outpatient services. The outcomes of the MHC3 project are very promising and include increased connection rates to needed services, decreased number of days to receive treatment and decreased inpatient recidivism.

For more information on the MHC3 Project, please contact Debbie Gingrich at The Children's Home.