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June 2020

5 Tactics For Leading in a Crisis
Even under normal circumstances effective organizational leadership can be a challenging endeavor. However, this is especially true in times of a worldwide crisis that affects business survival, personal survival and both international and domestic economic performance.
Here are five tactics to keep in mind when leading your organizations in trying times.  
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Tips on Re-negotiating  
Contracts and Leases
As businesses start opening up again and some sort of normalcy hopefully emerges soon, business owners and CEOs might take this time to look at their existing contracts with vendors and landlords. This could be the right moment to engage in re-negotiations that can strengthen the business in the weeks and months ahead.
Here are tips on negotiation strategies and tactics to help in this potentially cost-saving process:
  • Enter negotiations within an agreed-upon framework
  • Don't overlook incentivizing the other party
  • Be prepared for the possibility that talks will fall through
  • Understand your landlord's perspective
  • Have a solution ready to propose
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Did You Know . . .?
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans didn't have a number for zero
  • Caesar salad was invented in Mexico by an Italian-American
  • Nomophobia is the fear of not having a phone
  • Bamboo grows so fast it's measured in miles per hour
  • Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest

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