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Mike Nehnevajsa 


Landau is pleased to welcome Mike Nehnevajsa as our new Operations Manager. In addition to production responsibilities, Mike will also serve as our Safety Director to ensure safe work environments and to keep projects on track. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and Community College of Allegheny County, and he also completed the four-year Carpenter's Joint Apprenticeship Program. Mike has extensive experience in the construction field. He most recently worked for Easley & Rivers for thirty-four years in various roles, including Journeyman Carpenter, Carpenter Foreman, Field Superintendent, Project Manager, Secretary, Vice President of Operations, and Director/Shareholder.

Mike has been happily married for thirty-six years with four children and five grandchildren. He and his wife are very grateful to have built two homes for themselves while completing school and raising a family. His children were always a focal point in his life. He enjoyed coaching their sports teams. Now, his grandchildren are "the best and brighten our days." In his spare time, Mike enjoys bowling in the winter and golfing in the summer. 

Along with being a family man, Mike worked hard his entire life to have this extensive construction knowledge and experience. Mike said, "I am very proud of my construction career and accomplishments, with being active in various committees giving me the opportunity to interact with some of the brightest construction minds Pittsburgh has to offer." 

We are glad to have you as part of our Landau team, Mike!

Bayer Medical Care

Area 200 & 400 Renovations

Landau completed renovations to Bayer Medical Care at the John P. Friel Center for Innovation, located in Indianola, PA. The 14,000 SF interior fit-out transformed the existing research labs into executive offices. The project began May 2014 and finished October 2014.  Labs were demolished to create space for offices, cubicles, and new bathrooms. High-end finishes, such as quartz countertops, were used in the bathrooms and showers. A new canopy entrance was constructed to service the new office areas.

Our superintendent, Jaison Resnik, expedited construction in five months. Landau coordinated with Bayer's schedule so that noise, debris, material deliveries, and subcontractor management never interrupted the company.



Master Builders' Association

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January 2015                                                                                              Issue 16
 Our New Website Released

After many months of designing and editing, Landau's new website is up and running! Jen,Dave,Doug
We completely redesigned our website to update our look and information. Scrolling pictures are featured in the banner and the background, making our site bright and engaging.  Our project experience is organized into healthcare, higher education, commercial, and community sectors. Each project is detailed in the "Portfolio" tab so that everyone can see our virtual resume and read about some of our best work. 
We are especially proud of the History timeline which was researched and assembled with painstaking detail by our very own historian, Jacob Landau. Check it out in the "About Us" tab.

Landau couldn't have created this website without assistance from Jim Prokell and Max Prokell. Thanks to Jim's work designing the layout and Max's effort in building the site, we are now able to easily edit and update our information in-house.  Our goal was to make the new site more accessible and informational, and we are pleased to say those goals have been met.

MBA Young Contractors ICRA Challenge

TEAM LANDAU:  Doug Brenneman, Jamie Maloney,
Andrew Marsic, Chris Priest and Chet Beres


On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, the Master Builders' Association Young Contractors (MBA YC) held their second annual hands-on educational program, the Healthcare Construction Best Practices Competition, at the Carpenter's Training Center.  Our very own Jennifer Landau is chairperson of the YC, and she is the first female to ever hold an elected position in an MBA committee.  The hands-on educational program is one of six yearly programs hosted by the MBA YC.  Not only was the event a great success last year, but because healthcare construction is such a big part of our local industry, it was decided to run this as a yearly program. 

Teams at Work
Healthcare Construction Best Practices focuses on Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), which is a system of practiced controls designed to minimize the risk of exposure to potentially dangerous infections for patients and employees due to construction in a medical environment. As hospital patients with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to infection, our industry has a responsibility to minimize migration of any construction dust or debris created during construction activities that could harm anyone in the hospital.
Barrier Installations

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters has created an eight-hour education program for project managers, architects, and other office personnel working in the healthcare industry that does not have a hands-on portion. They also have a twenty-four hour program for field employees with hands-on training for ICRA measures. MBA YC wanted to bring the hands-on portion included in the twenty-four hour program to the young contractor community.
Jen Landau, Ricky Okraszewski, Jeff Clair

The program consisted of a brief presentation, followed by a hands-on building contest, where the participants had to actually install ICRA measures. The panel giving the presentation consisted of Jeff Clair - ICRA Officer of UPMC, David Wells of Radelet McCarthy Polletta, Ricky Okraszewski of the Carpenter's Training Center, and Jason Sigal of Rycon Construction. In a heartfelt moment during the presentation, Jeff Clair discussed ICRA's personal significance to him; about a year ago, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent surgery in an operating room adjacent to a construction site. He has always preached the significance of following the rules of Best Practices, but now he has a greater appreciation for the process.

After the presentation, the group was divided into teams of five people that were led into one of the classrooms at the Training Center. Attendees were from six local contractors, a few architectural firms, and a few affiliate members of the MBA. Landau's team consisted of Andrew Marsic, Chet Beres, Chris Priest, Doug Brenneman, and Jamie Maloney. They were given the task of setting up a plastic barricade with a zippered entrance, topping off a wall and sealing all penetrations within that wall, and hooking up a negative air machine. When the allotted time was up, the presenters scored each team on the quality of work, proper installation, and how well the negative air was holding in the space. Though the Landau team did not win the challenge, we learned much about the time and effort our field personnel exert every day when installing ICRA controls in hospital environments.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Site work at Simpson Elementary School
Marks-Landau Construction is building the Simpson Elementary School addition in Bridgeport, WV, using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). The project is owned by Harrison County Schools and was designed by Omni Associates Architecture. The insulated concrete panels create 9,000 SF of additional classroom space. 

Insulated Concrete Forms are a unique method of construction that combines multiple phases into one step. With ICF, Styrofoam blocks are connected by plastic clips that leave a cavity in between each block. Plastic hangars are embedded in the foam, which act as form ties and rebar hangars within the cavity. These clips have vertical straps stretching every eight inches that act like furring strips, which allows the interior drywall and exterior facade to be hung as soon as the wall is erected. The result is a cast-in-place concrete wall that is sandwiched between layers of insulated material. Using ICF instead of more traditional construction methods saves a significant amount of time.

Marks-Landau Construction self-performed over 23,000 SF of form facing in just six weeks. All foundation and above-grade walls were completed and ready for steel erection and roofing during this period. The process went smoothly, thanks to the simplicity of the ICF system. With some well-developed planning around a very rainy summer, Superintendent Jarett Davis successfully completed the 9,000 SF concrete  slab on-grade in unison with the wall assembly.
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