Last night, families, friends, alumni, King David staff, and students filled Beth Israel as we all came together to celebrate the King David High School Class of 2024. 

Our Deputy Head of School, Alex Monchamp was the evening's Master of Ceremonies and he did an excellent job of balancing the right amount of sentimentality and humour.

Each year, the graduates select a peer to give the student D'Var Torah. This year, we heard from Itav Estrin, who delivered a beautiful and meaningful D'var Torah.

He summed it up with his final statement, "I look to my fellow graduates, stand up, put your individuality, your heads to use and be proud strong Jews in the places we need you. This is now our time, to be the link in our thousands of years old chain. Let's add our link!"

We had the opportunity to hear from our Co-Presidents of the Board of Directors, Diane Friedman and Alain Guez, who brought greetings to the graduates from the Board of Directors.

They also expressed their gratitude to Russ Klein and the staff for their commitment and dedication. Next, we heard from our very own Rabbi Berger. He addressed our graduating class, taking the opportunity to offer them some final words of wisdom, and ended with, "May your achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations, and may the bonds forged within these halls remain strong throughout your lives. Go forth, Class of 2024, and make your mark on the world."

Our Head of School, Russ Klein, gave his final farewell address to our Class of 2024. He said, "Let’s all take a moment to express our gratitude to your parents, grandparents, and our community who have made it possible for King David to serve our mishpacha and offer a Jewish education to so many families. To our families: We understand that paying for a Jewish education requires sacrifice and commitment. It also requires trust and we are grateful that you have shared your children with us, and by extension, the community. You have told everyone that being Jewish matters and is of high value unto itself. To our community of donors: You ensure that every Jewish Family can provide a Jewish education for their children. The spirit of Am Israel Chai thrives at King David, and Jewish life is vibrant here because you provide the leadership and the means. This truly is a precious gift. Thank you. At the Havdalah Ceremony for our Graduates this past Saturday night, one of the themes I heard from the students, that made me so proud of what they have learned here, is their spirit and commitment to the importance of our Jewish Community – our community mattered to them and they loved being part of it – the smaller King David community and the much larger Klal Israel, all Jewish people."

He ended with, "I wish each and every one of you a lifetime of challenges and achievements, always embedded in your compassion for others. On behalf of the King David community, Kol Ha’Kavod to the King David High School Graduating Class of 2024."

The Sanctuary was filled with proud supporters who cheered as each Grade 12 student received their Graduation certificate, and King David staff and other community members handed out individual student awards and scholarships.

Meet our Graduates by clicking the video image link below

Before a fun evening of dinner and dancing, Aidan Ariel, who was also nominated by his peers, concluded the ceremony with an energetic and humourous student address. He shared. "I wanted to recognize that I do not take this opportunity of speaking in front of you today lightly. I'm honoured to have the privilege to address you all today - it's a significant moment. This speech is not merely a personal milestone, it's a celebration of our collective achievements as a grade."

He went on to say, "I think it is fair to say that the last five years have given us all a sense of belonging, of community, of friendship, of loyalty and a trust in each other. I think these are gifts unique to King David. They define the essence of what it means to go to this school."

He concluded by extending heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of the graduating class, to everyone who made this experience come to life in the way that it did, and who played a pivotal role in shaping this unforgettable journey. The friendships created and the bonds forged will be carried with this graduating class through the entirety of their lives.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the remarkable team of parent volunteers who assisted in planning such a wonderful event, and for decorating Beth Israel so beautifully.

Todah Rabah to our Parent Action Committee (PAC), who gave each graduating student a very special gift: a handcrafted mezuzah. When our graduates use their mezuzah, they will know that a small piece of their King David home will always be with them. 

Thanks also to the many staff members who made the evening such a success. A special thank you to our retiring Graduation Teacher Sponsor, Julie Lane, who spent so much time coordinating all the details relating to the ceremony for the twentieth and final year! 

To Congregation Beth Israel, our sincere thanks, we are so grateful for their support of our graduation evening and to Jocelyne Halle, who took the wonderful photographs of our grads - thank you!

Our forty eight graduates have spent the last five years becoming responsible and socially conscious community members, and we are so proud of all they have accomplished. We look forward to seeing what they achieve in the next stage of their lives. 

Kol Ha'Kavod, Class of 2024!


This past Saturday evening, our graduates and their families, along with King David staff, gathered for a beautiful Havdalah ceremony to bid farewell to the Class of 2024.

Rabbi Berger offered some words, comparing the students' experience at King David to an extended Shabbat. It began in Grade 8 with a large Shabbat dinner and concluded with Havdalah, symbolically closing the circle before our graduates embark on their bright futures.

The students had the chance to express their gratitude to those who supported them along the way. Their speeches were heartfelt and moving, showcasing the thoughtfulness and maturity they developed during their time at the school.

Everyone then moved outside for Havdalah, lighting the candles and singing the blessings. The smiles on the students' faces showed that this was a moment they would always treasure.

Our sincere thanks to Rabbi Berger, Jewish Life and Student Engagement Leader Orly Naim, and music teacher Johnny Seguin for organizing such a meaningful evening, and to all the guests who stayed up late to celebrate with the graduates.


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