June 14, 2024 / Sivan 8, 5784

Shabbat Begins 9:02 p.m.  Shabbat Ends: 10:27 p.m.  


Last week, students and staff gathered in the Atrium for King David's annual Heart of a Lion Athletics Recognition assembly. The Heart of a Lion is given to one student athlete from each team who demonstrates excellent sportsmanship and teamwork, a positive attitude, competitive spirit, and integrity, as well as respect for opponents, officials, fans, and coaches. These are athletes who illustrate the true spirit of friendly competition while showing PRIDE on and off the court, and make a positive impact on the learning environment.

Mazal Tov to all our athletes and teams!

Thank you to the wonderful coaches consisting of King David staff, parents and alumni - it was a remarkable year for our school!


Yael Gardner, Grade 9, received a medal for her participation in the Pascal Math Contest. She scored above the national average!

Natan Grunau, Grade 9, achieved a Certificate of Distinction in the University of Waterloo (Grade 10) Math Contest. This certificate is awarded to students who have a result that is in the top 25% in Canada.


As many of you may know, Max Koenigbaur, a member of our school, was diagnosed with brain cancer in December. His sister, Maya, and cousin, Yael Grunau, registered a team in support of Max, to raise awareness about brain cancer and to support B.C. Children's Hospital where Max has received his care. All of the proceeds will go to B.C. Children's Hospital to fund research, programming and caring for sick children.

It was wonderful to see so many members of our school community come out and support Team Max!


Coach Cale McDonald, Levy Arazi, Noah Robibo, Ido Berger, Paul Zychlinski, and Zev Baum Singer

On Tuesday after classes, the school was filled with students, alumni, staff and parents, all there to participate in a fun-filled afternoon of three-on-three basketball organized by Grade 11 student, Zev Baum Singer! The event raised close to $1,000 for a program called Balding for Dollars that supports the oncology program at BC Children's Hospital and celebrates Max Koenigbaur's recovery from brain cancer. Max's close friends in Grade 11 said a few words about Max, praising his courage and resiliency.

It was an energetic few hours and a wonderful way to end the last day of classes for this school year!


Every year, our PAC hosts a breakfast for the graduating students. Thank you to the Grade 12 parents who set up and served the meal and to PAC for starting this meaningful tradition last year.

A very special thank you to our PAC leadership team: Samara Bordan, Kerry Benson, Jamie Tolensky, and Ella Litvak for everything they do for our students, staff and the ruach in the school throughout the year!

Our gratitude to the Grade Reps and their WhatsApp groups for all their help with communicating information this year!

Grade 8: Sary (Sarita) Coba and Einat Perry

Grade 9: Jessica Folk Farber and Lauren Kramer

Grade 10: Amber Huguet and Ayelet Cohen

Grade 11: Ella Knurik ad Anna Herman

Grade 12: Jessica Forman and Kim Fisher


This year’s Foods 10 final unit focused on Celebration Cakes. Students were tasked with choosing a theme and designing a cake to match, adhering to specific criteria: a minimum of two tiers, filling in each tier, icing, and a crunch to complement the sponge and creaminess of the cake. Working in teams, they crafted beautiful and delicious creations. After six weeks of hard work, students presented their cakes for judging.

Our esteemed panel, consisting of Ms. Uzan, Mr. McGinn, Ms. Bogner, Tina, and Mr. Bondar, evaluated the cakes based on taste, texture, technical execution, and appearance. Despite the high quality of all entries, a winner was chosen. First Place went to "Wedding Cake with a Pink Twist" by Kai Galazka and Madison Bar-Dayan. Second Place was awarded to "Summer Break" by Danielle Agulyansky, Eva Guez, and Raphael Stefanov. Third Place resulted in a tie between "Spring Break," a gluten-free cake by Alexis Bordan and Laylah Bronstein, and a "Congratulations" cake by Sierra Brosgall, Quinci Cooper, and Sophie Rossman. It was heartwarming to see a cake, created by Eitan Arazi and Sharon Tanne honouring retiring teacher, Miss Lane who has taught for 45 years, 20 years at King David!

Congratulations to all participants! Each one showcased remarkable skill, creativity, and resilience.


Students of Music 8D performed the last mini-concert for the year. The setlist included Hatikvah, Another One Bites the Dust, Riptide and a campfire favourite - Am Yisrael Chai.


Staff, parents and students joined the 3 Bridges March last Sunday to show our support for Israel.



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Rally and March

Sunday, June 16

2:00 a.m.

Location: Vancouver At Gallery

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