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Strategic Partnerships in Education & Community Development March 2010
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Every one of our just-graduated scholarship students has qualified for middle college and university admission.

Their achievement is significant.  Nationwide in Kenya, fewer than 25% of all candidates sitting for the final Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education [KCSE] exams attain this key mastery level. Learn more in Faces of Success.

Replacing these graduates are fifteen new students selected at this year's KSHP scholarship interviews.  All have begun their high school educations, thanks to KSHP sponsors.  Read more On Top of New World.

Girls Clubs received a boost from visiting KSHP directors who delivered 500 girls' underwear. Dignity Kits for teen aged girls  include reusable sanitary napkins and two pair of panties as well as care, hygiene and AIDS-education materials.  See Girls' Club Supplies Arrive.

One girl's story reveals what lies in the balance.  Read more in Closing notes. . .

Our thanks to everyone for your interest and support.

Kathleen Dodge, Executive Director
successThe Faces of Success . . .

      Wycliffe Ochieng             Lady Sabato Agwa                      David Agwanda

Winnie Omwa                    Duncan Odhiambo                    Millicent Onyango

Belinda 3parentsBoniface

        Isaac Opar                           Boniface Otieno                         Belinda Akinyi

The confident faces of these 2009 graduates tell the story of how - through Kenya Self-Help Project - you are changing lives and awakening the heart of a community. Four years ago, not one of these young adults could imagine the privilege of entering high school - much less qualifying for university. 

They attended nine different provincial high schools and overcame personal and academic challenges. Yet, they persevered in the true spirit of 'self-help.'  And today, they see their names listed as welcomed candidates for university.  Fewer than 25% of Kenya's graduating students attain this important credential for continuing occupational and advanced studies.  These nine can  count themselves among the best. 

KSHP sponsor support and encouragement created the space. Each of these young adults stepped into that space and achieved a miracle.

Nothing could be more meaningful.

We thank you.

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newworldOn Top of a 'New World'


Newly selected students with Rick and Sarah DeKoven, KSHP Directors
      Far left is Gladys Munoru, Nyashep/KSHP Finance and Administration officer

At the beginning of their academic journey, fifteen new scholarship students "could barely stop smiling and admiring their new weapon - a certificate entitling them to a one-year renewable high school scholarship," wrote project manager, Rodgers Ade.

KSHP's administrative partner, Nyashep Education Trust, had just completed distributing new Form 1 (freshman) scholarship awards.  KSHP directors, Rick & Sarah DeKoven, participated in the day-long interviews and awards ceremony, where families and teachers stood by in pride to see children receive a coveted scholarship that opened the door to a high school education.

Three newly-sponsored students were invited to join National schools, including one of Kenya's most prestigious girls' schools, Alliance Girls, Maseno Boys and Nakuru High.  The remaining twelve joined highly-ranked Provincial schools.  For all, receiving their first certificate of scholarship was the happiest day of their young lives.

None of these students could have continued their educations without our support.  Warm thanks to all sponsors!  Your partnership with these children gives hope to the entire community.

To learn more about sponsoring a child, see Scholarship Program
pantiesMore . . .
Girls' Club 'Supplies' Arrive 

Girls' Clubs at partner schools received a fresh delivery of 500 pairs of girls' underwear in January. California teenagers Grace and Shannon O'Hara and their mother, Anita, stripped La CaƱada store shelves clean so that Kendu Bay girls would receive a sufficient supply for this year's Dignity Kits.

KSHP board directors, Rick and Sarah DeKoven, carried the supplies toparents Kenya during their 10-day project visit.  Plans were formed to expand Phase II Girls' Club services, latrine construction and to collaborate with local teachers in creating a Girls' Club curriculum.   Pier Got Primary students welcomed their KSHP guests and project manager, Rodgers Ade, with a well-rehearsed song.                                                Sarah DeKoven & Rodgers Ade, Project Manager

To learn more, see Girls Empowerment
closingnotesClosing notes . . .

From Scholarship Selection Report
Peter Liech, Nyashep Education Trust Director

Tension runs high the day of scholarship interviews. Each young candidate knows his or her fate lies in the balance. Whether they  win the chance to go to high school and pursue a better life will be known within hours.

parentsThis year Nyashep/Kenya Self-Help Project received 43 scholarship  applications: 14 girls and 29 boys. From these, 22 students were short-listed for interviews to fill the 15 available scholarships.

To what lengths will students go to get a chance to win a Nyashep/ Kenya Self-Help Project scholarship?

           Consulate Atieno

One girl's story from the just-concluded 2010 selections was heart rending. The girl's name is Consulate Atieno. Midway into the interview, our Program Manager, Rodgers Ade, noticed something unusual with the girl and asked her if she was feeling all right. That is when Consolate opened up and talked about an accident.

Consolate walked into the interview room without any sign that just a few hours earlier, as she was coming for the interviews, she had been involved in a motor bike accident which left her with a dislocated arm, a bruised shoulder and a painful walk.

Having been selected to join Alliance Girls High School, her determination to attend an interview with the hope of getting a Nyashep/Kenya Self-Help Project scholarship overshadowed the severe discomfort she was going through.
Alliance Girls High School was the first African Girls' Secondary School in Kenya. It was founded by the Alliance of Protestant Missions, hence the name.  The first ten girls arrived on 28th February 1948. These girls represented all the regions in Kenya and this National outlook has been retained to date.

Girls selected to join this school will learn with girls from all parts of Kenya. The school selects only one girl from each District out of the 248 Districts in Kenya. Consolate is the only girl from our region selected to join this prestigious school this year. For the past three years, Nyashep/KSHP scholarships have enabled top girls from our region to join Alliance - with Lilian in third year, Beatrice in her second year and now Consolate joining first year.
Consolate lost her father last November and there is no way the unemployed mother was going to raise funds for her to join this high-cost school.

Several teachers accompanied the parents and their former students at the Nyashep offices to witness the signing of scholarship agreements. Consolate was represented by her former school principal. This spoke volumes as to how teachers value the scholarship opportunities which are now giving hope for continuity to many brilliant and needy students.

We could not provide these opportunities to students like Consolate without our KSHP partners who support these children.

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