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October 2010


Two KSHP-sponsored girls entered university last month - our first graduates to achieve the 'impossible dream'.  Millicent Onyango and Winny Omwa, both orphaned during their high school years, succeeded against all odds.  Supported in high school through our 'Sponsor a Student' program, Millicent and Winny have become the role models and inspiration of every schoolgirl in Kendu Bay. They have proven that it can be done!  

Social empowerment and enduring change begin with education.  Millicent and Winny were given the chance to become self-reliant young women who will one day support their families and encourage their children's education.  KSHP has not done this for them -- we have only lifted the barriers and opened the way. 

The good news - and our great challenge - is that our students are qualifying for university studies.  Isaac Opar, for example, received invitation last week to study Law at Nairobi University.  A top student throughout high school, Isaac has no resources to match our tuition scholarship. 

We are in present need of donations to support university students like Isaac.  Let us prevent the dream from slipping from their fingers.  ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME.      Donate Now


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Isaac, Millicent and Winny confirm the effectiveness of our Sponsor a Student program. This comprehensive scholarship program links sponsors to high-achieving destitute students so they may gain a high school education.  The program provides each student with a network of services that includes school fees, room and board, academic and social mentoring, home/ school visits, tutoring, medical and personal support integral to helping each student be  socially and academically successful.

Millicent Onyango studies Business Commerce

at Kenyatta University

Winny Omwa studies Journalism

at Nairobi University

KSHP 's annual sponsor invitation will be mailed in early November.  Sponsorship openings for 2011 are available.  We warmly extend the opportunity to enrich your life and that of an aspiring Kendu Bay student.


Caring sponsors like you have enabled 74 students like Winny and Millicent to receive their high school education. Your giving can forever change the life of a child and the fabric of a community.

Look for our KSHP sponsor invitation coming soon.

  Nyashep Education Trust Welcomes KSHP

Gina and Bob have been instrumental in the development of our 'Sponsor a Student' scholarship program.


Surrounded by her students, Gina shares words from the heart.  Gina and Bob Wulff's students study at 16 different national and provincial high schools - seen here by the colors of their school uniforms.


Holly Miller, Burlington, hollyVT with her sponsored student Ivine Osindo and mother. Through KSHP's medical fund, Ivine's mother receives medication that has stopped her epileptic seizures and allowed her to return to work.

KSHP leaders also conducted life skills workshops with students home on term break. Sessions focused on self esteem and personal goal setting.

Here graduated student, Isaac Opar, gives a peer review of Hazel's SMART goal during the goal setting seminar.


Voice Of The Youth (VOTY) women's cooperative redesigned  the sanitary napkins used in the Dignity Kits - and production is underway.  Distributed through KSHP Girls' Clubs, packets of personal supplies are given to adolescent girls twice a year. Kits include underwear and sets of reusable sanitary pads. Mid-year evaluation shows an increase in girls' school attendance, with dropouts sharply declining.  KSHP contracts with VOTY women's group to produce these reusable pads.


A school visit to Ongalo Primary found the new girls' latrine in spotless condition. Girls swell with pride over their swanky three-door latrine with attached bathing room. The design is now a model for the region.


Ongalo Primary had been served with closure notice by the Ministry of Public Health due to the poor condition of its toilets. The new latrine serving 150 girls has become the pride of the school's community.

Team meetings with Nyashep Education Trust - KSHP's onsite partners - renewed our commitment to shared goals and strategies.  We see our efforts making a tangible difference in the lives of children, teachers and families. 

One cannot visit Kendu Bay without feeling motivated and inspired by the local investment to build upon these changes and help them endure. 

Sarah DeKoven, KSHP board chairman and Rodgers Ade, Kendu Bay project manager
Peter Liech, founder & executive director, Nyashep Education Trust
Holly Miller, visiting sponsor and Kathleen Dodge, KSHP founder & executive director
Gladys Nkirote, chief administrator & finance officer, Nyashep Education Trust

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