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Strategic Partnerships in Education & Community Development January 2009
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We'd like to make KSHP project news more accessible and current.  Starting now, we'll use this e-bulletin format to keep you better informed about the project's activities and accomplishments. 
Your partnership supports a growing range of education initiatives that are invigorating change for families and children in Kendu Bay. These are the building blocks in which the people of Kendu invest hope as they work to claim a better future.  
If you marvel at an achievement, appreciate yourself.  Every one of us plays a role in its development and outcome.  The power of our combined participation can be life changing. We at KSHP are proud to help you make a difference in the world.
Each month we'll email a bulletin like this with highlights of recent news and points of interest.  We hope you enjoy our new format!
Kathleen Dodge, Executive Director
prize giving day 


Celebrating a 'First' in Kenya: 
                 Education Day 2008
Regional and community education leaders showered accolades on KSHP's Scholarship Program and its top scholars during Kendu Bay's first annual Education & Awards Day in December.  Speeches, song and poems punctuated the daylong celebration. 
More than 200 community members and area professionals gathered in Kendu Bay to recognize this year's top scholars and to acknowledge the gains made through the help of Kenya Self-Help Project's scholarship program.  American sponsors were praised for their commitment to Kendu Bay's most needy young men & women who now study at some of the nation's best schools. 
Twenty top scholars and student leaders from among our 61 KSHP sponsored students received top awards of the day.  Each was recognized for his/her outstanding academic achievement and commitment to excellence. 
Speakers challenged the audience to follow their example and emulate their work ethic -the kind needed to carry them through the challenges that lie ahead. 
Special awards included solar calculators and solar-powered BoGo flashlights donated by Ms. Gina Wulff.  Highly valued by students, the awards placed real benefit into the hands of those who are most motivated.  Not all high schools in western Kenya are on the electric grid; thus, flashlights allow students extended study time after generators are shut down in early evening.
We thank Gina Wulff and Anita O'Hara for their generous contributions to this first-ever celebration of academic excellence. 

      prize giving day                     
                 new latrine
Out with the Old -
     In with the New
A symbol of dignity - a private latrine - has arrived at Manywanda Primary School. Jubilant girls at Manywanda inspect their new latrine, built from donations given by Sunday School children at White's Chapel United Methodist Church, South Lake, TX.  Little girls from neighboring schools now want to attend Manywanda. Never ever have they seen such a fine latrine - and surely, this means girls are valued here.  Their reasoning is sound.
Investments like this bolster girls' self esteem & motivate school attendance.  Performance standards rise and participation swells in Girls Club education sessions.  Everyone benefits.
latrine inspection 
Manywanda girls have prepared a special song to thank our donors, which we'll post on YouTube.  Stay tuned.