Volume 10 Issue 4

July 2023

July- Japanese Street Food

No summer is complete in Japan without attending a matsuri (festival). While dressing up in yukata, enjoying fireworks, and watching parades all make for an exciting time, visiting the various food stalls selling savory and sweet street cuisine is an experience one should not miss out on.

With summer celebrations, neighborhood cookouts, and outdoor activities enticing people to heat up their grills, why not try your hand at making some classic Japanese street staples? There are so many options, from yakitori chicken skewers to miso butter corn-on-the-cob to yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls). You're sure to find something you and your taste testers will enjoy. Happy grilling!

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Civil Aviation Symposium 2023

The Challenges of and Cooperation Needed to Achieve Aviation Sustainability

The pandemic has drastically changed the circumstances of air transportation, and much uncertainty remains. Given this context, sustainable aviation has taken the helm as the future of air industries and a chance for growth. For this event, JITTI USA has invited experts in the fields of aviation, government, finance, and manufacturing to reconfirm the importance of U.S.-Japan air transport in terms of both strengthening the bilateral relationship and economic security, and to explore carbon neutral strategies and cooperative opportunities for these two nations' aviation industries.

Thursday, October 5th

3:00- 6:00 PM

(Reception to Follow)

Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center

In This Issue

Feature Article:

Japanese Government Initiatives for Inbound Tourism Recovery

by Hirokazu Nishikawa

With Japan fully open to international tourists, the Japanese government is declaring their goals for the future. Learn more what strategies they hope to implement to build back the momentum of inbound tourism that was lost during the pandemic.

Cultural Article:

Oshiro- Japanese Castles

by Shinichiro Tsuri

Japanese castles, often serenely overlooking idyllic towns and countrysides, give a glimpse to a time when regions jockeyed for power and status. History buffs, architecture fans, and selfie-takers alike will enjoy a visit to these historic sites.

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New Published Research

JITTI USA analysts produce reports on timely US-Japan transportation and tourism issues. These reports are now published in English on our website! Why not check them out?

Recent publication topics include:

  • New York’s LaGuardia Airport Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Project

  • Survey of Smart City Trends in the West: Case Study – Washington DC (part 2)

Read the Reports

Articles of Note:

Japan’s largest port hit with ransomware attack

Hate packing clothes for vacation? Japan-bound travelers may not have to.

Just how green are Japan’s trains?

Final Thoughts
Thank you for reading the JITTI Journal.
Until the next issue, whatever your mode, travel safely! 
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