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The newsletter of the Spalding MFA iin Writing Alumni Association

November 2022 Edition

Residency Events Start Saturday. Join Us!

Live: Faculty reading. Sat., Nov. 12: 6:30–7:30 p.m. (Brown Hotel, Citation). Lynnell Edwards, Leah Henderson, John Pipkin, Kira Obolensky, Jason Kyle Howard.

Live: Faculty/Guest reading. Sun., Nov. 13: 5–6 p.m. (ELC Lectorium). Erin Keane, Lee Martin, Mitchell L.H. Douglas, Dianne Aprile, Sam Zalutsky.

Streaming and live! Distinguished Visiting Writer Randy Ribay. Wed., Nov. 16: 5:30–6:30 p.m. ET. (ELC Lectorium)

Randy Ribay. Photo: Stefania Curto

Live: Distinguished MFA Alumni Lecture. Marjetta Geerling. “The Eye of I: First-Person Narration in Young Adult Literature.” Thurs., Nov. 17, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Gratitude to the Snowy Owl Foundation for supporting the 2022-23 lecture series. (ELC Lectorium)

Live and on Zoom! Faculty reading. Thurs., Nov. 17, 10:15–11:15 a.m. ET. (ELC Lectorium). Robin Lippincott, Beth Bauman, K. L. Cook, Bruce Marshall Romans, Kathleen Driskell.

New and Ongoing Opportunities

Spread the word! Attending a writing conference? giving a reading? Know of a display board at your local bookstore or library? Drop us a line and we’ll send you School of Writing brochures to set out!

Call for Contributing Editors: We’re looking for alums to read submissions and solicit work for Good River Review.

February 18 deadline: Call for Proposals: Spring 2023 Distinguished MFA Alumni Lecture in Writing for TV, Screen, and Stage.

Write and Submit Work with Your Spalding Fam!

NEW! First Monday: Submit Your Work! First Monday of the month, 7:30-8:30 p.m. ET with host Noelle Sciulli. Click to join, or go to zoom.us/join and enter Meeting ID: 882 0058 3608

"Write with Me" Sundays, 6-9 p.m. ET with host Chella Courington. Click to join, or go to zoom.us/join and enter meeting ID: 824 5106 4561 and Passcode 123123

"Write with Me" Tuesdays, 7 p.m. ET (30-60 minutes) with host Jill Cox-Cordova (F '17) till mid-November, then Diana McQuady (F '14). Click to join, or go to zoom.us/join and enter meeting ID: 857 5953 0130 and Passcode: 112233

"Write with Me" Fridays, 10 a.m. ET (around 75 minutes) with host Terry Price (F '06), who offers an inspirational thought. Click to join, or go to zoom.us/join and enter meeting ID 849 4633 5334 and Passcode: 690916

Spalding Water Cooler

Hosted by Mervyn Seivwright (P ’19) and Cristina Trapani-Scott (F/P ’09). A supportive space to discuss the challenges and joys of the writing life. Every third Sunday of 2022 on Zoom, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT. Watch social media for the registration link!

Announcing Our Summer 2023 Destination!

June 25-July 3, 2023, in gorgeous Quebec City!

Alumni News

The most recent Life of a Writer is up on the Good River Review blog.

Send your Life of a Writer news. Next deadline is February15, but you can submit anytime!

Check the Spalding MFA in Writing Alumni Association Facebook group to connect with other alums. Not a member? Ask to join. 

Good River Review: Issue Four is Live Now!

Click the skeleton to read the issue . .

Congratulations, Fall 2022 Soon-to-be Graduates!


Anne Bucey (P)

Nick Hulstine (PW)

Tyrel Kessinger (F)

Sarah Ladd (CNF)

John Maclay (PW)

Leo Smith (P/PrWr)

Terry Tocantins (PW)

Nancy Wilkes (CNF)

Katie Williams (SW)


Kelly Adams (W4CYA)

Leke Adeyemi (W4CYA)

Ben Brown (CNF)

Congratulations to Class Gift Awardees!

The Fall 2021 Class Gift was awarded to England Blye, incoming poetry student.

The Spring 2022 Class Gift was awarded to Dymon Moore, incoming fiction student.

Everything the MFA Alumni Association Does

A current list, until somebody dreams up something new.

2022 Gifts

Our thanks to the following donors for their generous support:

Adeleke Adeyemi (W4CYA)

Donna Gay Anderson (PW '18)


Susan Berla

Cindy L. Brady (F '13)

Christina Lee Brown

Roy Burkhead (F '04)

Kate Bustillos (W4CYA '21)

Cindy Corpier (F '13)

Elizabeth Dallmann (CNF '06)

Kathleen Driskell, Chair

Barry (F '18) and Drema (F '13) Drudge

Lynnell Edwards, Assoc. Director

Kelly C. Falzone (P '22)

Jeffrey (PW '17) and Michael Fischer-Smith

Catherine Foy (F '13)

Kimberly Freeman

Marjetta Geerling (W4CYA '11)

Karen L. George (F '09)

Linda Ginter-Brown (F '19)

Carroll D. Grossman (CNF '21)

Miranda Gonzales

Courtney Hill Gulbro (CNF '22)

Melissa Hamilton (W4CYA '18)

Lenora Hay (P '19)

Edie Hemingway (W4C '03 and retired faculty)

Lora J. Hilty (F '12)

Lisa Hockstein (F '22)

Lynn Hoffman (W4CYA/SW '15)

Patricia Hudson (F/CNF '19)

Angela Jackson-Brown (F '09), faculty

John Mark Jennings (P) 

Bonnie Omer Johnson (F '04)

Michelle Tyrene Johnson (PW/SW '22)

Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan (CNF '03)

Laura Johnsrude (PrWr '21)

Joseph M. Kasl (PW '22)

Jessica Love Kim (W4CYA '16)

Sam Krauss (SW '22)

Hilary Kretchmer (F)

Claudia Labin (F '07)

Sarah Ladd (CNF '22)

Lynette Lamp (P '22)

Nana Lampton (P ’04)

Elizabeth Wilks Layton (W4CYA '21)

Karen Leslie (F '14)

Jody Lisberger, retired faculty

Carol Zack Logan

John Maclay (PW)

Mark Madigan (P '17)

Elizabeth Hall Magill (F '22)

Karen Mann, Co-founder and Administrative Director

Tori Murden McClure (CNF '05; President Spalding University) and Mac McClure

Quincy Gray McMichael (CNF/PrWr '22)

Diana McQuady (F '14)

Precious McKenzie (W4CYA '20)

Amanda Michael

Marilyn Moss (CNF ’09)

Dr. R. L. Mullins Jr. (F '21) and Sharon Mullins 

Julie Nichols (SW '15)

Mary Lou Northern (F '11)

Greg Pape, faculty

Portia Pennington (PW '17)

Terry Price (F '06)

Angela D. Ray (P '22)

H. L. Ritchey

Suzanne Craig Robertson (F/CNF '22)

Lori Siekmann (PW '18)

Gene M. Smith

Leo Smith (P)

Snowy Owl Foundation

John Styron (F '22)

Diane Sweeney (F '07)

Jeanie Thompson, faculty

Paige Waters (CNF '19)

Cynthia Watkins (W4CYA '14)

Dan and Joy White

Dr. Elizabeth Winston (P '15)

Kylie Ayn Yockey (F/P '22)

Katy Yocom, Assoc. Director (F ’03) 

Honor a Favorite Writer

Consider making a gift in honor of a favorite mentor, a fellow student who traveled through the program at your side, or a friend or family member who believed in you.

Scholarship Referrals

The $2,000 Alumni Select Scholarship is for applicants you refer. February 1 is the next application deadline.

A Spalding Lift

Please update your website and bio with our new name: the Sena Jeter Naslund-Karen Mann Graduate School of Writing (or, for short, the Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing). Thanks for linking to us at spalding.edu/mfa!

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