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An Updated Web-Based gbXML Viewer is Now Available

A new version of the free web-based gbXML viewer from Ladybug Tools has been launched. This viewer allows you to upload any gbXML file and view it in any browser on any device, whether it is your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can also zoom, pan, rotate, hide elements, and even edit your model.

Some of the new features include:
  1. A "Reports" button that displays the total quantities of zones, spaces, surfaces, and openings in a model, in addition to basic campus and building attributes.
  2. An "Issues" button that displays lists of duplicate adjacencies and surfaces, invalid surface and opening types, and more "problems" with the model.
  3. A first-person camera view
  4. Sun-range functionality
This free and powerful viewer is available at this link.

gbXML: The Basics

Some of you may be new to the industry and don't quite know what gbXML is all about. Other than reading about it on the " About" page on our website, you can now view a PowerPoint slide deck in DropBox that goes over the basics of gbXML (There are notes on each slide so make sure to download the slide deck to your laptop if you want to view these notes.).

We presented this PowerPoint at the CIDCI Fall Forum in San Francisco on September 28th, 2018 to 100s of building professionals interested in the latest building technologies.

Official Call Out for Sample gbXML Files

We are always looking for sample gbXML files of real building models produced from Autodesk Revit or other BIM authoring software tools. We want to add these files to our growing gbXML file repository located on GitHub.

We get many requests each month for sample gbXML files so software vendors can test their gbXML integration. Also, users like to view a variety of gbXML models in our free web-based gbXML model viewer located here.

Please forward any gbXML files to Also, make sure that you have permission from the owner to allow us to post these files.

Thank you!

50 Software Tools Now Support gbXML

Did you know that 50 software tools from vendors world-wide now support gbXML? This is quite a milestone after 20 years of serving the energy modeling community. Some of the latest software tools to adopt gbXML are:
  1. ASHRAE Building EQ Portal: The recently released Building EQ portal from ASHRAE is now able to import a gbXML file to populate basic building information. ASHRAE's Building EQ Portal provides a quick energy analysis that benchmarks a building's energy performance.
  2. eToolLCD from eTool: eToolLCD out of Perth, Australia is an intuitive, open-use, web-based, whole building life cycle assessment (LCA) and design software developed by two engineers with a passion for sustainable buildings. Design focused and performance based, genuinely sustainable outcomes are made easy.
  3. Pleiades from IZUBA Energies: A new building eco-design software tool out of France now integrates with gbXML. Pleiades performs building energy simulation, thermal loads, and life cycle analysis per French building regulation code.
Click the image below to go to the web page with a full list of all gbXML-compliant software.

Georgia Tech University Performs Research for gbXML

Georgia Tech University's Digital Building Lab (DBL) has been retained by gbXML to conduct a research project involving the development of BIM - gbXML - BEM test cases.

We will be releasing the research report and conducting a related webinar in Q1 of 2019. Thank you to Autodesk for helping to fund this research.