Sept. 2016
Newsletter #17
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The focus of this newsletter is one of the core values of the Global Great Commission Network.  Quoting directly from the Tokyo Declaration:

Furthermore, we will endeavor to recognize that each part of the Body has its very own purpose, whether risking their very lives to  show God's passion for the salvation of others, or supporting those who lead us forward, or caring for those who quietly support, or fervently pray that His will be done throughout the whole earth. We will respect all mission-engaging individuals and groups as special vessels for God's glory, each endowed with abilities that extend His Kingdom in multiple ways

Per this commitment, the next article communicates some of how this Tokyo Declaration commitment is translated into GGCN operational ethos.  A second article gives a personal testimony related to these values.  Your own response and testimony is also invited.

Finally, we provide an update of some current GGCN activities. including an update on the GCnetwork and the development of grassroots, local expressions of GGCN.
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GGCN Ethos and Diversity in Ministry
A Personal Testimony
GCnetwork Update
GGCN Local Steering Teams
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GGCN Ethos Relating to Tokyo Declaration Commitment to Variety and Diversity in Ministry
India Youth GGCN Meeting
Here are some of the values upon which GGCN is based (see ).  These are taken from the Tokyo Declaration and based upon scriptures, specifically Romans 12;4-8 and I Corinthians 12:12-31.

(Picture is a Youth Camp in Nigeria teaching six ways of mission involvement.  The signs read "Pray", "Mobilize", "Welcome", "Go", "Send" and "Learn."
  • We exist to broadly encourage collaboration and partnerships.
  • We rejoice that today's mission force is global in composition, bearing a diversity of thought, practice and resources that enriches and energizes Christ's global Cause as never before.
  • We realize that the present day mission task is so large and complex that no one church, agency, national missions movement, or regional mission block can do it alone or independently.
  • We recognize that no roles or functions in the body of Christ are more "spiritual" than others, but everything done in obedience to God is valid.
  • We recognize that each part of the Body has its very own purpose, whether risking their very lives to show God's passion for the salvation of others, or supporting those who lead us forward, or caring for those who quietly support, or fervently pray that His will be done throughout the whole earth.
  • We respect and value all mission-engaging individuals and groups, all races, male and female, as special vessels for God's glory. We believe every person has unique gifts, talents, and callings, each endowed with abilities that extend His Kingdom in multiple ways. Variety and diversity are positive factors in ministry.
A Personal Testimony - by David Hupp
In my work with the Global Great Commission Network, it has been my privilege to meet and work with some extraordinary men and women of God around the world.  Each of us has our own story of how the Lord has led and directed.  Some of us come from very unlikely backgrounds. Some of you can identify with that statement. If that describes you, we'd like to hear some of your stories.  If you are a member of the GCnetwork, under the Global/GGCN tab there is a Discussion Board posting of this article where your comment and contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise, please consider sending your own story to .  We want to celebrate together the strength in the Lord that comes from the diversity of the men and women God calls to obedience to the Great Commission.

Here's my own story:

After being involved in missions at various levels for over 40 years, there is a focus that I continue to return to:
  1. God calls men and women to serve him in Great Commission endeavors.
  2. He often calls unlikely candidates, some from privilege and wealth - others unlikely candidates for a host of reasons.  Many come from brokenness and poverty, even shame.  He calls all walks, all education levels, all colors, and all denominations for that matter, God calls and God enables.
  3. I stand amazed that He wants to work through us and that we are entrusted by Him with the Gospel and the Great Commission.
I've seen it over and over in the lives of the chosen men and women who respond to God's call, whether that is going to the remote and hard-to-reach UPG's of the world, faithfully pastoring the congregation or ministry He leads them to, using His gifts in business, education, government, or a host of other callings and occupations of life.  And don't exclude the wives, mothers and others who are called to serve their families as He leads.
In my own life, I stand amazed at the doors He has opened and the opportunities He has provided. From an early awareness of an urging to "help missionaries" along with an acute awareness of my personal limitations and limited giftings of what I thought a missionary needed, He simply asked for a willingness to follow where He would lead.  He promised, through multiple voices, to lead and to open the doors and to enable. So over the years He took this unformed calling of a business student who was focused on athletics to:
  1. Initial exposure to missions, another culture, and the needs of peoples around the world; to,
  2. A commitment to serve the Lord wherever and however that might look; to,
  3. An initial business involvement that was both a training ground and a financial blessing; to,
  4. A wife with her own missionary calling; to,
  5. Increasing short-term mission involvement; to,
  6. Placement at age 33 as a business manager of a small mission; to,
  7. A heightened awareness of the world and needs of missions; to,
  8. A ministry to multiple agencies providing financial and computer consulting and CPA audits; to,
  9. A nine year term overseas in Taiwan using the gifts and experiences He had provided, stretching me at the same time, and including exposure to many cultures and many peoples; to,
  10. Experience in pastoral and administrative leadership of a missions team; to,
  11. 15 years in executive leadership roles in a growing agency focused on sending a variety/cross-section of called workers to UPG's; to,
  12. A completely unexpected opportunity with Dr. Ralph Winter in the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation with the emerging GGCN network, with opportunity to interact with God's chosen men and women around the world of all kinds.
At each stop of the journey there was truly a fulfillment beyond my own making.  Only He could do that.  At the same time, as He stretches us there is both excitement and sometimes difficulty.  Serving the Lord is never dull.
Perhaps some readers can identify their own journey.  For others, be encouraged to take that step of faith the Lord is asking.  Be encouraged to persevere when the difficult moments come.  My prayer is that we all are faithful.  I'm continually amazed that He has entrusted us with a personal share of the Great Commission calling of His people.
GGnetwork Update

Participation in the GCnetwork online collaborative platform continues to grow, now with over 500 users.  The desktop version can be accessed at where you can participate in Global, Network, or Group discussions, sharing and learning from each other.   The deployment of a suitable mobile platform has taken longer than expected, but it is still coming and can be expected soon.


GCnetwork is designed to be interactive and participatory.  The ability to post prayer items, opportunities for service, or general discussion topics are something that EVERYONE is encoruaged to participate in.  Jump in and get involved.  That includes posting a response, short or long, to the prayer and discussion items that are posted.  Your postings are appreciated, welcome and needed.


For those who lead or participate in a working team, whether it be a ministry topic, people group, or any other initiative, GCnetwork is a secure online, user-friendly platform to enhance connecting, communicating, and collaborating.  The GCnetwork group function does exactly that, and we'd be delighted to introduce you and your group to this free tool.  Let us know your need at  

If you are not yet a member or the GCnetwort, the quickest way to do that is to send an email request to, and we'll send you an invite to this secure platform after confirming who you are re security concerns.

GGCN Local Steering Teams
Local GGCN Steering Teams are emerging in several places in Africa and Asia.  If you are interested in taking a leadership role in your area, please let us know at  We are ready to pursue local teams in multiple locations.  Note that these are strictly volunteer positions with the responsibility and need to take the initiative to raise up a local team, find local finances for local GGCN activities and expenses, and communicate and work with the GGCN Global Steering Team.
In His Mission,
David Hupp
Global Great Commission Network - Global Steering Team