Recently Texas experienced one of our typical spring severe weather outbreaks. Many of you may have seen a video which went “viral” of a young man driving an older model pickup who found himself caught in a tornado near Elgin, Texas. The tornado flipped the pickup truck on its side, spun it around multiple times, and ultimately flipped it back upright. Amazingly, the driver proceeded to simply drive the truck away! Other than my amazement that the truck was still drivable, I was also struck by the poise of a young driver to find himself caught in that situation and simply drive away. How important it is to approach problems with the right tools, a steady hand, and a plan! As adjusters, risk managers, litigants, and attorneys, we can fairly say that we frequently find ourselves in the midst of storms. If you’ve found yourself in such a storm, please contact us and let us use our experience to help you formulate a plan to solve whatever problems you’re facing.