February, 2021
12th Anniversary of Matt Garcia's Passing
On September 1st, 2020 it was the 12th anniversary of Matt Garcia’s passing. He continues to leave behind an amazing legacy in which we the Matt Garcia Foundation wanted to celebrate and honor. The Foundation agreed the best way to do so was to give back to those who needed it the most, this is something Matt showed in all of his acts of service. He was someone who strived to strengthen the community and supported the youth. In September the Foundation was able to build 2 wells in Pakistan. These wells directly impacted a community, to have reliable access to safe and clean water.
This meant that the people, specifically children, and women did not need to travel a far distance to obtain water. Our first well is placed right outside of a school, so those who surround the area also have access along with the children. The second well is placed at the beginning of the village for everyone to have access and also supports the cemetery in that area. 
The village did a revealing and collectively sent out prayers to Matt. This touches the hearts of the Foundation because we know that Matts’s legacy and efforts to strengthen the community and to give back will continue to shine. We will continue to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE.
Kickstarter Comic Book
In November of last year (2020), Zach and his friend launched a Kickstarter for a comic book they’d been working on and it was a huge success! They are both so grateful for the support they continue to receive and incredibly blessed to have successfully donated $2,468 to the Matt Garcia Foundation. Thank you all for keeping Matt’s dream alive. For more about the comic book and other cool stuff, visit www.deeptheorystudios.com or email them at info@deeptheorystudios.com 
Students Highlighted
This is a message I received from a former student who was once a part of an at-risk student mentorship program within the school district called "Legacy." The Foundation was the one and only sponsor of this program, and thanks to their sponsorship, we (the teachers who volunteered in this program) were able to take these students on several field trips, including one to UC Berkeley. I thank God for the young lives that were changed through our program and for the foundation for ALWAYS supporting these kids.
"Hi Ms Serpas,
I saw your comment under my post the other day and I just wanna say thank you sooooooooooo much for the work you put into me and my classmates when we were going through Legacy. You really did turn me from a fighting kid, trouble-making kid to a straight A student. I’m so, so, so very appreciative of the trip we took to Berkeley that one time as well because I finally got a taste of what higher education was and I would’ve never been able to do that without you and without Legacy. I’m a second year at UC Berkeley now studying Legal Studies hoping to become a Lawyer soon and pursue immigration law or juvenile law. This is all possible because of you, really. I believe that and I miss you and love you sososo much. 
Thank you again, Isela"
Thank you!
Rodriquez High School Key Club
We want to take this opportunity to thank Key Club from Rodriguez High School for donating over 40 masks that they created. With their donations, we were able to give some to the houseless folks throughout Fairfield.

Along with that, we were able to drop some off to organizations that support houseless outreach and supporting the youth. Again thank you Rodriguez Key Club for all that you do! We miss you! 
Community Day Clean Up
Safety is our number one priority, so the Matt Garcia Foundation has cancelled February’s community day clean-up due to the widespread of COVID-19 in Solano County. Although we cannot meet this month, we encourage you to take time to individually clean-up your own neighborhoods. Stay safe by wearing a mask and disposable gloves while picking up trash. Please check the Matt Garcia Foundation website for any changes in future community clean-ups and other events. 

To receive updated information on volunteering opportunities, sign up for our text alerts.
Text: 81010
Enter: @mgfv
How Walking Benefits Your Body
Walking is a great way to get the physical activity needed to obtain health benefits. Walking does not require any special skills. It also does not require a gym membership or expensive equipment.

3 minutes – Blood Pressure Decreases
5 minutes outside – Mood Improves
5-10 minutes – Creative Thinking Improves
15 minutes (after eating)- Blood Sugar Level Decreases
30 minutes (after meals) – Helps to lose weight (depending on walking speed)
40 minutes – Reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease
90 minutes outside reduces the number of depressive thoughts.

For more information visit Centers For Disease Control and Prevention
Some Inspiring Words...
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world.”
-Anne Frank
“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it
– if only we’re brave enough to be it.”
-Laureate Amanda Gorman
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Everyday we learn something new. Take life as a test and shoot for a better score each day… It doesn’t have to be an “A” the next day,
but let’s hope it improves.
-Matt Garcia
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