Issue # 114 - July 2024

July 25 - Hillsboro, OR

Making Peace

with End-of-Life


with Dr. Terri Daniel

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August 24 - ONLINE

The 2024 Conference on

Death, Grief and Belief

This year's theme:

The Influence of

Embedded Religious Beliefs

in End-of-Life

Mystical Experiences

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Sept. 13-15 Sun Valley, ID.

The Shaman’s Tools for

Death, Dying and the Afterlife

with Linda Fitch



Jan.18, 2025 - ONLINE

The Fifth Annual Symposium on Death and Bereavement Studies DETAILS TO COME

The other day I came across an online pitch offering a "certificate in cognitive behavioral therapy" for $14.99 (the only requirement is that you're over 16 years of age). And another one for becoming a "certified grief coach" for $54. And this one to become a "spiritual coach" for $97.


Please friends, do not waste your money on programs like this, and do not seek professional help from people with these kinds of credentials! These are scams, and these "certificates" have no value in the professional world. Real grief counselors and therapists have master's degrees and hundreds of hours in internships and clinical supervision.


We've published this important article before, but it's worth revisiting. READ MORE...

Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, FFGT

Clinical Chaplaincy, End-of-Life Educator

Bereavement and Trauma Support


This Psychedelic Researcher Approached Death

with Calm and Curiosity

Roland Griffiths' groundbreaking research on psychedelic therapy at Johns Hopkins opened the doors of perception for thousands of people, and also for the fields of psychology, health care and death studies. After his cancer diagnosis last year, he did this extraordinary interview with NPR about psilocybin and his relationship with death. READ MORE...

A 2021 Study on After-Death Communication

"An after-death communication (ADC) is a spontaneous experience of communication with a deceased friend or family member. This study examines 1667 cases on the After-Death Communication Research Foundation website. A total of 336 (20.1%) were found to be evidential. The three main categories of evidential ADCs and previous research are discussed." READ MORE...

Pushing Back Against the "Christian Parenting Empire"

of the 1970s-1990s

In the late 20th century, a specific, often white evangelical brand of authoritarian parenting emerged. Framed as being God-glorifying, it was characterized by rigid hierarchies, demands for children’s immediate and cheerful obedience and the absence of negative emotions among children. It was enforced by spanking, often starting when a child was just a few months old." READ MORE...

Religion is "OK"

in Oklahoma Schools

Oklahoma is the most recent state to allow school boards to implement off-site classes with religious or moral instruction that K-12 students can attend for part of school days with parental consent. READ MORE....

East Asia is Spiritual

but not Religious

While many East Asians do not identify with a religion, they continue to hold religious or spiritual beliefs in unseen beings, venerate ancestors’ spirits and ritual practices READ MORE...

CBD for Grief?

"Although both grief-focused cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy eased grief severity in adults with prolonged grief disorder, grief-focused CBT was associated with greater symptom reduction 6 months after treatment. Researchers published their findings in JAMA Psychiatry. READ MORE.



Our Next Conference!

Online - Saturday August 24

The Influence of Embedded Religious Beliefs

in End-of-Life Mystical Experiences

Our next conference! It's coming up on August 24 (online), and it perfectly bridges the gap between our interest in the academic study of spirituality and the presence of mysticism in everyday lived experience. You can find all the details HERE, or scroll down for more.

The theme for this event is "The Influence of Embedded Religious Beliefs in End-of-Life Mystical Experiences," and if you're familiar with this field of study, you'll be impressed with our lineup of speakers. There are six CE credits available, and as always, all registrants will receive a link to the conference videos, which you can view at your convenience with no expiration date!


Christopher Kerr, MD

Deathbed Dreams

and Visions

Ken Doka, PhD

Religious Influences on

Extraordinary Experiences  

Gregory Shushan, PhD

Near-Death Experiences: Historical, Cultural, and Religious Dimensions

Jamie Eaddy, DMin

From Heaven's Gate

to Hell's Fire

Joshua Black, PhD

Religious Influence

on Grief Dreams

Richard Groves, MA, MDiv

Deathbed Mystics:

A Universal Experience


Hillsboro, OR - July 25

Making Peace with End-of-Life

An Experiential Workshop

with Dr. Terri Daniel

In this unique FREE workshop you will learn how to create a more positive relationship with death and grief as you face the loss of loved ones and the reality of your own eventual death. In an interactive, experiential group setting, we will explore these topics and more:  

. End-of-life planning strategies and care options

. Multi-cultural perspectives on death and grief 

. When is it time for hospice?

. Family dynamics in end-of-life and bereavement 

. The process of dying

. Death with dignity, DNRs and Advance Directives

. Spiritual issues at end-of-life


(it's FREE!)

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Death, Grief and Belief Facebook Group


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