Issue # 101 - June 2023

June 5-7 - LaCrosse, WI.

Loss, Death, and Grief:

Cultural and Ethical Contexts



June 8 - 11

Religious Trauma

Recovery Retreat


June 10 - 11 ONLINE

Spiritual Awakenings International



Professional Training in

Grief Counseling

The Portland Institute

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July 8 and 9


The Conference on

Death, Grief and Belief

All presentations will be recorded for viewing at your convenience


July 21 - 23 Portland, OR.

Psanctum Psychedelic


Hello friends!

I thought you might be interested in learning a bit about the interests and affinities of our very diverse international audience.

As most of you know, we started out in 2009 as The Afterlife Conference, with a focus on near-death experience, after-death communication and metaphysics. Over the next ten years, as I advanced in my academic studies of theology and bereavement, I changed the focus of the conference to Death, Grief and Belief, which attracted a new group of people interested in recovering from religious trauma and toxic theology.

We now represent a fascinating mix that spans the spiritual spectrum from from A-Z (Atheism to Zoroastrianism). A quick glance at the events listed in the left-hand column show an example of the varied offerings we support.

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Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP

End-of-Life Advisor,

Bereavement and Trauma Support


The Pitfalls of Prayer

"It is generally believed that a prayer is considered 'answered' if it produces the desired result, assuming that without the prayer, the outcome would have been different. The same formula applies to “intercessory prayer,” in which someone prays on behalf of someone else, for example, when a community prays to help a neighbor, or a hospital chaplain prays for a patient." READ MORE...

End-of-Life Care for our Animal Companions

The latest episode of our Ask Doctor Death podcast features Dr. Deborah Aronson, a Philadelphia veterinarian who has a unqiue background for her work in end-of-life care for animals and grief support for the people that love them. At one point in her career, after she'd had a private veterinary practice for several years, she trained as chaplain in a human hospital to develop her spiritual care skills. Observing the suffering of dying patients on life support created a stark contrast with the compassion we show to our pets when they face life-threatening illness or injury.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Speaking of Podcasts

A new podcast that we highly recommend!

This is NOT your pastor's Bible podcast.

Clear-eyed and data-driven, Dr. Dan McClellan brings you the latest in biblical scholarship, while atheist podcaster and comic genius (yes, he wrote this) Dan Beecher just tries to understand what's going on. Dispelling myths and combatting misinformation from all sides, the Dans bring you the Bible like you've never heard it before! Listen HERE

Laughing About Death With Grief Comedy

"...grief comedy recognizes that sadness is not the only way to process loss. “A lot of what we all do every day is avoid thinking about death because it’s so scary and big,” Limperis said. “Comedy just helps to be like, ‘Well, we don’t have to go all the way there if we don’t want. We can just laugh and joke about it a little.’ Which maybe just lightens the entryway into talking about it. And then once you’re talking about it, you’re like, ‘OK, now we can be more serious.’”" READ MORE...

The Next Frontier in Death Care

Grief in The Black Church

The Black church is one of the most visible institutions in American life, its national leaders’ names nearly synonymous with the civil rights movement from the 1960s to present day. It’s a powerfully unifying force, with 74% of Black adults identifying as Christian. Before the pandemic, some 40% of those Christians reported attending a church service in the prior week.


Interfaith Spaces

When Arizona state representative Athena Salman, an atheist, delivered the invocation to open a legislative session, she was rebuked for offering a non- religious prayer. She said, “Remember the humanity that resides within each and every person here, and each and every person in the city, and in all people in the nation and the world.” Her prayer was found to have violated House rules! READ MORE..


Become an End-of-Life Music Therapist

If you are musically-inclined and would like to use your talents to support the dying, Accorda Music Thanatology Institute is a new school which combines online and in-person learning with harp and voice lessons and an in-person internship over a period of 23 months. Accorda is now accepting applications and will begin classes this September. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Earn a Certification in Grief Therapy

The Portland Institute, directed by world-renowned grief therapist and researcher Dr. Robert Neimeyer, provides training in several types of grief therapies. Unlike the "quickie credential" programs being offered online today, this is a robust, academically-sound program that includes classes, mentoring, practicums and session evaluations via onsite, live online, and/or recorded training modules.


The 2023 Conference on

Death, Grief and Belief

Online July 8 and 9


Join us virtually for an extraordinary weekend of shared wisdom, fearless exploration, and social support for unpacking toxic religious beliefs that can be harmful when facing loss and grief.



For a sneak peek at our conference presentations,

take a look at these short video previews from some of our great presenters!

Dr. Jamie Eaddy:

Trauma & Toxic Theology

in the Black Church 

Dr. Harold Smith:

How the Prosperity Gospel Causes

Pain for Bereaved Christians

Dr. Lucy Hone:

Grief in the Maori Worldview

Frank Feldman and Dan Beecher

The Perfect Godless Funeral

Pesach Eisen

Unorthodox Grief

Mandisa Thomas

Secularizing the Black Church

Linda Mercadante PhD

Spiritual But Not Religious

Heather Stang

Religion and Complicated Grief

Dave Warnock

Dying out Loud

David Haward

Grieving the Loss of Religion

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