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August 2013
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Our Mission is to represent the citizens of Cook Inlet in promoting environmentally safe marine transportation and oil facility operations in Cook Inlet.
Cook Inlet RCAC recertified
Every year, Cook Inlet RCAC is evaluated against our foundinglegislation, the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, which gives us clear mandates of the things we must do and people to involve. We are measured not only by what we do, but as much by how we do it. The US Coast Guard has recertified Cook Inlet RCAC to August 31, 2014. Visit our USCG Logowebsite to read the news release and letter from Rear Admiral Ostebo.  
Cook Inlet Risk Assessment enters final phase

The Cook Inlet maritime risk assessment management team has signed off on a work plan for the remainder of the project, which is expected to wrap up in September 2014. Among the remaining tasks CIRA Logo is to research and analyze five risk reduction options, including current towing resources, constructing a trans-Cook Inlet subsea pipeline, enhanced situational awareness through AIS, improved ice monitoring capability, encouraging third party inspections or audits of workboats, and implementing items related to risk reduction options for immediate or sustained implementation. Read more.

PROPS Committee gets a lesson in the science of ice forecasting and more 

We often talk about the challenges  

Seabulk Pride through Cook Inlet ice
Sea Bulk Pride tracks through ice.

confronting Cook Inlet mariners during winter ice season and the importance of  the ice forecasting network of cameras to help them navigate the inlet more safely. Recently, the PROPS (Prevention, Response, Operations and Safety) Committee was given the opportunity to see how the cameras are applied and exactly what goes into preparing the crucial advisories from Alaska's Lead Ice Forecaster Kathleen Cole.  Cole's briefing was one of the highlights of the committee meeting which met in Anchorage on August 2, and toured the ice desk and the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson's U.S. Navy supervisor of salvage operations center. The committee also received a briefing from Alaska oil spill response organization Chadux . Read more.


Rough seas challenge on-water drill exercise  

On Wednesday, August 21, four Cook Inlet RCAC staff participated in an oil spill drill exercise with Tesoro, the US Coast Guard, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and Cook Inlet Spill Prevention & Response Inc. This drill was interesting for a number of reasons. One component included actually placing satellite drifter buoys on the water to monitor the leading edge of the simulated spill. The on-scene deployment was particularly challenging with rough seas, up to 40 knot winds, and high tides--all of which can happen during a real event. Conducting the drill in real time, under real conditions, forced participants to adapt to and appreciate Cook Inlet's dynamic and challenging nature and make necessary adjustments. The experience also reinforces that prevention is the primary key in environmentally safe crude oil transportation and production in the Cook Inlet Region.  

Lynda Giguere
Director of Public Outreach
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