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Cobots vs Robots
The ultimate showdown!
Welcome to the ultimate showdown between cobots and robots!

For decades, conventional industrial robots have ruled the manufacturing space. They have provided businesses with automation solutions capable taking on repetitive tasks and reducing manual labor.

More recently, collaborative robots stepped into the ring as a challenger to conventional robots. They might look similar to some conventional industrial robots, but they are lighter and easier to use. Companies have started adopting cobots at an impressive rate.

Tilt-proof Robot Columns
One modular system - countless possibilities
With this tilt-proof robot column, you can also use large cobots at changing locations. The central column offers a base area of 200x200 mm for attaching a cobot with the item robot mounting plate 8. Lifting rollers ensure that the mobile cobot stands firmly and securely at its place of use. The integrated height adjustment compensates uneven floors.

item offers a wide range of robot mounting plates to connect cobots. Made of high-strength aluminum, the plates are pre-drilled with appropriate patterns of holes.

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High Efficiency Power Supplies
Means lower heat and energy usage
The Eco 2 Power Supply family continues to expand with the addition of the 2687-2146 Eco 2. The 100 VAC … 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1-Phase input, 24 VDC, 10 A, 240 W output supply, and is ideal for many repeatable applications.

At just 50 mm wide, the slim-style power supplies maximize space in your control cabinet. Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology with integrated levers allow for tool-free installation. This new device is also extremely reliable and reduces energy costs with a high efficiency rating of up to 93%.

Sensors for Packaging and Processing
Empowered with Industry 4.0 technology
Sensors empowered with Industry 4.0 Technologies can help companies improve their packaging processes and reduce costs.

Baumer offers pressure, level, flow, conductivity and temperature solutions for the efficient control of fluid processes.

Introducing the new IDC200 Multi-code Reader for reliable code reading.

Baumer position sensors provide high process reliability in the control of machines and robots increasing plant efficiency.

Precise in-line distance measurements and image-based feature checks ensure consistent product quality.

First-class signal performance and durable encoders even for harshest of environments.
Upcoming Training: Mitsubishi GX Works3 Programming
October 10-13, 2023
Cypress, CA

This 4-day course is intended to introduce and take an in-depth look at the features and programming languages of the GX Works3 software. It provides full descriptions of Ladder, ST, SFC, and FBD/LD languages utilizing label based programming.
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