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D:PLOY Automation Platform
Automates the process of getting a robotic application up and running
D:PLOY is industry’s first automated platform for building, running, monitoring, and re-deploying collaborative applications. It automates the process of getting a robotic application up and running, allowing deployment directly on the manufacturing floor, with zero programming and zero simulations. 
With D:PLOY, complete applications can be deployed in just a few hours, saving of up to 90% on deployment and re-deployment time.
D:PLOY supports CNC machine tending, palletizing, packaging, and transferring (pick-and-place) applications with more to follow.

IAI Logo
Advanced Robotic Technology
2023 Robot lineup guide
IAI is one of the leading manufacturers of electric actuators and industrial robots from entry level to high speed solutions. This range includes cartesian robot systems, tabletop robots and SCARA robots. Matching controller with all common fieldbus connections complete the offer.
IAI Cartesian robots come in hundreds of configurations in 2-axis to 6-axis combinations and are equipped with a High-Resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard.

Dorner Automated Conveyor Systems
Enhancing Pharmaceutical Operations
Dorner, a trusted provider of conveyor solutions, offers a range of pharmaceutical conveyors designed to meet the stringent government regulations and industry standards such as the specific requirements set forth by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and ISO certification.

Dorner conveyor systems provide agility and adaptability to production, packaging, and fulfillment operations to improve traceability, quality control, contamination control, and cost & production efficiency.

The streamlined processes facilitated by conveyor systems enable pharmaceutical plants to achieve higher production volumes, faster turnaround times, and improved product quality.

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Touch Panels 600
Aesthetic design meets high performance
Edge, PLC and HMI all in one! WAGO's Touch Panel 600 provides high-performance, tailored hardware and flexible programming in an open platform. With multiple versions and 5 different sizes, there is sure to be a Touch Panel 600 to fit your application.

  • Three product families for different operating requirements: Standard Line, Advanced Line, Marine Line
  • Perfectly tailored hardware features for a wide range of applications
  • Scaled software functionalities: Web, Visu and Control Panels
  • Flexible programming in IEC 61131 or directly under the Linux® open source operating system

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