Introducing the RV-8CRL Vertical Robot
High quality, low cost solution
The vertically articulated RV-8CRL robot from Mitsubishi Electric is a high-performance, cost-effective solution with no battery backup required on the robot’s internal encoders, increasing uptime and reducing maintenance. With a slim, compact design featuring less wiring, intelligence and safety options, an IP65 rating, and simple construction, the RV-8CRL is well suited for an extensive variety of applications.

Additional features include:  

  • Expanded effective working area
  • User wiring built into arm
  • Beltless coaxial drive mechanism

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ELECYLINDER Large Slide Actuators
Longer stroke, higher speeds
With 2-point positioning and built-in controller the new EC-S13 Large Slider type has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.

  • Maximum stroke 2500mm / Maximum speed 2000m/s
  • Maximum payload 108kg
  • Standard-equipped with battery-less absolute encoder
  • Compatible with wireless teaching
  • Motor drive DC power unit can supply power for up to 6 axes

Dorner Custom Solution
Conveyor system for Medical Devices
From miniature conveyors moving small medical products to large tote systems for prescription fulfillment applications, Dorner has a wide variety of medical solutions.

Recently, a customer needed a system for moving medical devices that couldn’t be transported directly on a conveyor due to their flexible shape. We created a system using Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors and 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet conveyors that allowed the product to travel on pallets.

LBR40 Linear Rotary Actuator
Provides high linear force and rotary torque
The LBR40 is a slim, stackable linear rotary actuator with a SMAC HT35 direct drive brushless motor. The LBR provides a long life cycle, high linear force and rotary torque and is specifically designed for Capping, Thread Inspection, and Smart Screw Driving applications.

Encoder resolutions are available from 5 micron to 1um for application flexibility to optimize on position control. Priced competitively with the added benefit of real time feedback of data required to assure quality. IP67 protection is available as well as a built-in controller with popular communication protocols.