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Dear Friends,

I am dedicating this newsletter to my staff, family, and friends. I want to especially recognize Marjorie Hodson, founder of Literacy Overcomes Boundaries, and the NJ Tennis Association. One week before the state lockdown, they held their annual platform tennis tournament and donated the proceeds to the Boxwood Learning Center. It was this donation that helped us keep our doors open during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to all who donated, and thank you to the Union County Youth Services Commission for the $50k grant to partially fund the education of eligible youth in Union County. 

Please watch my short progress video of what we are able to do when friends support. In addition, read the articles below, written by two of our champions.

Note: At the writing of this article, six program youth received their high school diplomas between 9/1/2020 - 10/15/2020.

Thriving on,

Marie Thelusma-Chase, CFRE
Executive Director

Following My Dreams
by Bryan, Class of 2020

I believe that if you are talented and good at something, it should be your main goal. I want to continue playing baseball and when I go to college and continue following my dreams. Read more

The student in this math video (to the right) passed the math section of the high school proficiency test, the first time around. These youth are enrolled in the Union County Educational Achievement Center.

There are three must-haves for successful virtual learning programs. Our virtual program prepares its students to pass the high school proficiency exam.

Must-have #1 - Interactive one-on-one tutoring on Zoom or other video meeting apps.

2020 Was a Special Year for Me

"Prior to Boxwood I was in a hole that was slowly but surely deepening. I was placed on probation for 3 years. I was having trouble personally. I didn't have any confidence in myself. I was ready to give up on everything. But being placed in Boxwood changed all of that.

I started to see more for myself, and my peers started to see more for me too. I started to gain confidence in myself, and I was working toward my future. I was given countless opportunities. Boxwood taught me how to be patient, how to be humble, and how to work towards my goals. But one main message that I keep with me is that there is no limit to what I can become." - Anthony, Class of 2020

Update: Anthony received his high school diploma in Sept. 2020 by way of the high school equivalency exam, was accepted to Union County College, and he completed probation early. He passion is finance and business management. Congratulations to our future world-changer!
Must-have #2 - Engage your student and make learning fun.
Must-have #3 - The tutor must be a content expert. Our tutors either have industry experience or a degree in the course content.
What's new!

This fall we are promoting the online clothing business that our champions started over the summer. The proceeds from the store will help sustain our champion programs. About half of our revenue was decreased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the demand for educational services for teens who are not enrolled in a public school have increased. Visit Our Youth Rising Online Store


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