June 2021 | Quarter 2
Connecting the Food & Beverage Industry to the Communities They Serve
As Bigger Table enters its second year, we are proud of our accomplishments. Last year, over 550,000 servings of healthy food were created from donated ingredients, expertise, and manufacturing - then delivered directly to Illinois food banks and pantries. We launched a growing workforce development initiative. And we continue to expand the list of dedicated partner companies and community organizations playing critical roles fighting hunger and growing local economies.

But there is much to be done. As communities emerge from the worldwide pandemic, the need hasn’t gone away. There is increased food insecurity, unemployment, and economic inequality. Bigger Table is expanding to help meet these needs, which is all possible because of community and industry partners working together. We thank our partners and look forward to the impact we can create together.
Bigger Table partner ADM - one of the world’s leading food companies - has joined our efforts to fight hunger across Chicagoland—with ingredients, expertise, and direct grant support. As part of this friendship with ADM, we’re excited to announce that donations made to Bigger Table will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000!

Help create a Bigger Table today through a gift — and double your impact. Every dollar counts twice in supporting Bigger Table's growth from 1.5M servings delivered in 2021 to our goal of 6M servings in the coming year.
ADM Cares Supports Bigger Table Hunger Relief
Building Rewarding Careers
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Finding a good job and keeping one is a struggle many face—and yet, the food and beverage industry is hiring. Bigger Table aims to connect jobseekers with great openings by bridging community workforce development programs and the food and beverage industry to create sustainable, long-term career pathways.

A Bigger Table Workforce Curriculum, informed by Chicagoland industry and workforce leaders, will be piloted this year with partner CREDMADE. CREDMADE works with young men at the highest risk of violence by offering not just a job but pathways to a career.
At Bigger Table, we are proud of the food we create and deliver throughout Illinois. Our goal is to donate foods that are tasty AND meet enhanced nutritional goals, such as increased fiber, increase protein, and lower sugar. Food banks and pantries have told us they want the best quality foods possible, and we’re listening. We constantly change our formulations to meet the goals food banks have set, to support the health and well-being of their clients.

“A lot of times the burden gets put on us to try to figure out what to do with the product, instead of having a company figure out how to make the product for us,” said Brendan Kitt, Director of Food Acquisition at Greater Chicago Food Depository, a Bigger Table partner.
Everybody Deserves Great Tasting, Healthy Food
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