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Happy September -- a time that brings a renewed sense of purpose and clarity to the tasks awaiting all of us in Q4 and beyond.  This year has seen tremendous uncertainty and instability in Washington, with no clear direction in several major policy areas, perhaps most notably in health care.  

Political uncertainty around health reform has made it difficult for health care organizations to plan for the future.  Uncertainty around tax reform and environmental policy has created confusion in the business community.  Despite these "headwinds," the economy continues to grow, job creation advances, and the financial markets experience record gains.

We certainly can't predict how major policy changes will unfold, but we can help organizations to ensure that their foundations are as strong as possible to withstand any changes, by sticking to the fundamentals of transparent, proactive communications with key stakeholders and by preparing for major events and crises that can befall any organization at any time.

On the subject of preparedness, hurricanes Harvey and Irma have shown us all how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature.  In addition to the suffering of so many individuals and families who have lost their homes, we have seen the vulnerability of small businesses as they struggle to survive in light of the loss of property and productivity.  We have seen clients in Texas significantly impacted by the storm; some flooded out of both home and office.  If you haven't already, please consider a donation to the American Red Cross to aid in the rebuilding process.  Thank you.


David Ball

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As a fiercely independent firm that has intentionally remained a boutique rather than expand into mid-size territory, we have the upside of keeping very close to our clients' work and being very involved in their day-to-day business.  But we can't be everywhere, and increasingly our clients come from outside of New England and, occasionally, outside of the U.S.

To provide the very best service that we can, we have joined a global network of similarly sized PR firms with whom we can partner when the work takes us far out of our geography.   PR Boutiques International, a network of over 40 independent firms on four continents with expertise in myriad industries, will, we believe, complement the personalized service and programmatic knowledge we bring to our engagements.  We are excited by the opportunity of calling upon experts from across the globe to help us deliver the strongest results possible for our clients.


YouThisMe , an early-stage mobile health technology company, has partnered with Columbia (NY) Memorial Health on a pilot implementation of its remote patient monitoring system.  The hospital utilizes this technology to monitor the progress of its discharged patients and intervene where needed, thereby reducing the incidence of readmission.   The company's pilot was recently featured in mHealthIntelligence , a digital publication that tracks health information technology.

The Carroll Center for the Blind, a non-profit that is a leading provider of services to those with vision loss, collaborated with a new adaptive hockey program funded by a grant from the Boston Bruins Foundation.  Carroll Center students participating in the organization's summer youth program  learned basic hockey skills with a specially designed, noise-emitting puck on the ice.   Click here to see the Boston Herald's coverage of the program.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation advocates for health care access and coverage in many different ways, challenging policy makers and the public alike to think about innovative approaches to closing health care disparities.  In a bimonthly column in the MetroWest Daily News that often runs in community newspapers across Massachusetts, Foundation President Audrey Shelto raises important new ways to think about solving some of our oldest health care challenges. Click here to read Audrey's most recent column about constructively addressing the social drivers of health care.

MCPHS University School of Optometry has been advocating for legislative changes that would allow optometrists to practice up to the scope of their training and license, by making Massachusetts the last state in the nation to allow optometrists to prescribe  oral antibiotics to treat ocular infections as well as to treat and manage glaucoma.  Click here to read an opinion piece in CommonWealth magazine by School of Optometry dean Dr. Morris Berman.

Noah Futterman has joined Ball Consulting Group as an Account Executive.  His focus is on developing and implementing  strategic communications plans.  He was previously communications director for the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  His familiarity with public policy issues has enabled him to get up to speed quickly serving clients. He previously served as a legislative aide and has successfully run a political campaign.  

Noah holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Union College, where he also minored in Russian. Currently, he is pursuing a master's degree in government with a concentration in communications at Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Academic Programs.

On the morning of Wednesday, October 11, the Ball Consulting Group team will deliver a presentation for business leaders at the UMass Club in downtown Boston on the subject of crisis planning and management.  The "Mix & Mingle" event is free and open to the public. Click here for event details and to register.