The BHS 21st Century Fund supports faculty-led pilot programs focused on curriculum innovation, fostering academic success and inspiration for all students.
School Year 2015-2016 VOLUME II
Your Donations Make the Difference:
New Planning Grant Program Benefits Teachers

Thanks to your generous and continued support,  the 21st Century Fund has been able to launch a brand new, short-term grant program. Unlike our longer-term grants, which typically provide three years of funding to pilot and develop a course or program, the Planning Grants are smaller grants for projects to be executed and presented within the same school year. This new, more nimble granting program is the 21st Century Fund's latest endeavor designed to provide BHS faculty with opportunities for exploring a culture of innovation, academic experimentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and engagement with ideas beyond BHS. 

We received six proposals for this first-ever series of Planning Grants and are thrilled to announce the three winning proposals, which will be funded and carried out by June 2016.
1. Everyday Science
Barbara Weiffenbach
Biology teacher Jill Sifantus and  Chemistry teacher Barbara Weiffenbach will explore the creation of an interdisciplinary Biology and Chemistry course that is project based rather than test driven. Students will address relevant topics with academic research, collaborative problem solving, and group communication.

2. Extending Cultural Exposure in World Languages
Rachel Eio

Japanese teacher Rachel Eio will survey students and teachers about how World Language teachers can bring authentic cultural experience into our curriculum. She will research and begin to compile a databank of Boston-area resources that can help teachers integrate culture into their classrooms in more authentic, meaningful and impactful ways. 

3. Developing a Global Leadership Pathway

Benjamin Kahrl
Social Studies teacher Benjamin Kahrl and colleagues will begin planning for a Global Leadership competency-based pathway for BHS students. This new curriculum will allow students to have academic and extracurricular experiences that focus on global education, as well as possibly a capstone experience and a Global Leadership pathway certificate.

In addition to this new Planning Grant series, the 21st Century Fund maintains its commitments for longer-term programming funded for multiple years (click here to learn more).  Over the next few months, we will review five creative new proposals for next fall that demonstrate the enthusiasm and energy our amazing faculty bring to all BHS students. Fully funding these would require an additional $214,000 next year. We look forward to supporting as many of these proposals as possible.
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The mission of the 21st Century Fund is to empower the BHS faculty and community by fostering a culture of innovation and supporting the development of new ideas and initiatives that will enable our students to thrive in the 21st Century.